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Lore: Ponies & The Celestial Sisters · 3:28pm Oct 27th, 2020

Princess Celestia Stella Pelor Amaterasu Vkandis Skinfaxi Etheria von Equestria, Sun Master and Moondottir, Sovereign Of Sunshine, Lady Of Light, Bringer Of The Day, Peacemaker Of Equestria, Shining Mane, Dawnflower, Bergvereinsamung The Lonely Queen Atop The Mountain, Magnanimous Unbridled Sun, [derogatory: Whose Whispers Rein, Corona, The Burning Judgement, The First And The Favored Daughter, Xenofillia, The Pale Horse]

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Thanks for the favorite!

Thank you for the awesome favorite, God of Awesome! It was totally awesome to see in my notification feed! :rainbowdetermined2:

Thankyou for the Fave!

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