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Infinite Evil

What's with these guys? It's like one of my japanese animes...

My Theme Song

The List Revolutions

1. Do things on this list
2. Finish some fanfics
3. Read
4. Get my favorites down to 0
5. Do more things here
6. Improve self-esteem
7. Don't do anything stupid (Strikes: None)
8. Collaboration 2: Collaborate Harder (Do more collaborations than last time)
9. Write something serious this time around
10. Write a four three stupid things to make up for the seriousness
11. Get less people to block me (Silly goal, I know.)
12. Help others many more times (Partially synonymous with #8)
13. Finish watching television shows I have to watch (The list increases exponentially.)
14. Follower count: <100 (Status: Doctor Who is that?)
15. See #1

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Love the name! Got a favorite doomsday device? :pinkiecrazy:


Man it's been a while... I kinda feel like you right now... Only on the other spectrum.

I have 3 stories, one of which I'm focused on. The other two are just sitting there.

One is 8 chapters in and canned until further notice

The other one I have been neglecting due to inactivity

Ah. Thank you for your patronage. When I kill off your entire species, I'll be sure to keep you as a pet....until I get bored of you that is.

1722012 Can't right now. Any other time, I'm usually available. Just shoot me a PM or whatever.


Oh, do you wanna play right now?

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The words in my head

Welcome to the lair of Infinite Evil

You guys are reading this for some strange reason so might as well feed you stupid crap to consume because well, you're all hungry and you don't appear to have better things to do than read about me. Fine. I'll play your game. Let the content begin.

I am known by many names, several of which you will never know about, the one you can find out with effort, and the one I use here. Just refer to me as Infinite Evil because it's simpler that way. You can shorten it if you want. I don't know how you can shorten a name with five syllables, but hey, I won't stop you from trying.

I also sometimes go by Charles Widmore on random spots on the internet. You guys bothered to read this much, so might as well tell you.

Now that my name is cleared, let's continue. Hmmm, things about me. Give me a minute...

Well, for starters, I live in the motherfucking United fucking States of motherfucking America. California, to be more exact. Yes, I know it's terrible here.

I enjoy a multitude of activities, such as everything you guys like to do on here. That pretty much listed video games, internet surfing, reading fics, and all the other crap you guys do.

I write sometimes. By sometimes, I mean I have no fucking clue. I can write an entire fic in an hour as a spur of the moment things or it can take me months to write even a thousand words that I'll never publish. Point is: if you came here looking for works of literature by me, you will be sadly disappointed.

We got most of that about me crap done so let's just get to the contacting me part. If you, for whatever reason, want to talk to me or yell how I'm an idiot or something like that, then there are multiple channels in which you can contact me. You can always shoot me a PM because those things are always a pleasant surprise to receive. If you want faster chat, then you can also contact me through steam. My steam username is the same as on here, Infinite Evil. If you want to chat through Skype, just search for eevvviiiilllll88.

In the end, I have no idea what to type on here so I'll just leave you to continue scrolling down this user page as you wonder how you managed to get to this point in life. I sure have wondered that and I still don't have a coherent response.

Oh, and one last thing before you go,

Mermaid Man is best pony.

You're still reading this? What a trooper.

Well, might as well give you more stuff to read about.

I enjoy crossovers a lot. Like, a lot. Not too much, but still a lot.
There used to be a huge list of photos here but I realized that it takes up too much space so I've moved it further down.

Fuck, they want more content to read. Might as well give it to them.

Some boopin' tunes:

What I think I do here:

What I probably actually do here:

All my friends compared to me.

What my caring of what the internet thinks has done to me:

My writing process:

What owning a laptop has done to me:

I sure as hell hope so.

I got used to the layout. Still doesn't make it better. And the banners are gone too. I loved my mirror pool Pinkie. :pinkiesad2:

Needs more crossovers


My favorite Cards Against Humanity card · 6:30am May 16th, 2016

The new Radiohead album dropped like a week ago and it couldn't have dropped at a better time. Life is good again and this only makes it that much better.

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Oh look, I actually read something today...


The oddities of literature · 7:48pm Aug 12th, 2014

Every once in a while, I find a user who takes writing very seriously. Due to this, they often share their standpoint on literature and it's often a case of: Writing is a serious thing and to do it right, you have to put in a lot of time, effort and dedication.

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Loads of words I've completed... somehow