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It's fanfiction all the way down.


When Twilight is accused of nepotism, her friends rush to her defense! Sortof.

Written in four hours during a speed-writing exercise. Totally unedited. Enjoy!

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Well, that was fun! Nicely done. My only real neigh to this is that it feels incomplete, but as a 4 hour exercise it rocks. :yay:

where her five friends waited, and Spike as well

This line made me laugh pretty hard, though I imagine it won't sit well with the Spike is the 7th Element fan club.

Oh and those last three words, with Sugar Bomb's new ideas? Ouch. :twilightoops:

Note: little heard should be little herd


Great, just great! Now I can't claim the story is totally unedited. You ruined it! :facehoof:

Seriously though, thank you! I had a fun afternoon writing it.

Oh man... I am afraid for Neighpon... :applecry:

Oh Neighgasaki... (highlight to the right for more...) Neighgasaki is Nagasaki, second atomic bomb drop location in WW2's atomic bombing of Japan (Neighpon)...

Fluttercord (Fluttershy Discord, ship) ... lol :pinkiehappy:

5185797 Nah, that just counts as a tweak, not an edit. :pinkiehappy:

You tell 'em, Sugar Bomb. Funny how the once-antagonists keep getting called out, but everyone glosses over the heroes' 'little' mistakes.

Twilight will just have to learn to work from within the system to affect the change she wants, while hoping it won't corrupt her. Or she can take the corruption and enjoy it for what it's worth, that's good too.

And funny how The Element of Honesty was quickest to cover things up for Twilight. AJ, how did you qualify for that position? Right, you told her "Don't worry, you won't die from falling off this cliff". Always found that a little skeezy.

It is pretty unfair, when you think about it.


You tell 'em, Sugar Bomb. Funny how the once-antagonists keep getting called out, but everyone glosses over the heroes' 'little' mistakes.
Twilight will just have to learn to work from within the system to affect the change she wants, while hoping it won't corrupt her.

Wow. That sounds like a lot of work. Is there another option or something...?

Or she can take the corruption and enjoy it for what it's worth, that's good too.

Yeah, that. That sounds way better. :twilightsheepish:


Eeee! I was hoping you'd comment. :twilightsmile:

I saw your blog post with your new work now that you're back in the states. Hoping that means we'll see some fics soon too. :)

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Twilight REALLY needs to get a boyfriend i.e. Flash Sentry.


I did some writing! I won a contest!

But you mean longer stuff. It's in work, now that I got all that art out of my system.

“I can’t enjoy life knowing I’ve hurt ponies as part of some pointless system."

Meh, you learn to live with it. Bonus points if you can get people to thank you for ruining their hopes and dreams.





"Plus, there are video games! Man, video games are great for making the guilt go away."

Oh man, that was fun. Delightfully silly while managing to poke fun at the show's inconsistencies. :pinkiehappy:

I love this story so much. What did Twilight Sparkle really think the Magic of Friendship was? Of course it's cronyism in its purest form, a true, true friend helps a friend in need and all that. I like the idea about Sunset Shimmer being Spitfire's daughter. It's a real shame Trixie never appeared in this fic, she could do some really great grousing.

:trixieshiftleft: Well... I hate this story. I'll give it a upvote because it is written well, but I don't have to like it now do I? I think I may hate the show a little now too...

5187216 Don't hate the show. This story was obviously was written by a Hater. The Mane 6 have saved the world several times already. If it were not for them. The world would be in a world war between Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrylisis and her Changeling army, Sunset Shimmer and her human zombie army, Tirek, and God knows what in Season 5 with those ponies with the forced creepy smiles and those barcodes for cutie marks. I give this grotesque story a downvote :facehoof::pinkiesick:

I love it when someone imagines that they can redress a injustice done to a fictional character by being unfair to an actual human.

It brightens my whole day.

(I larfed, upvoted, and fav'd for good measure. )

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Ha! Brilliant piece of deconstruction.

I'm guessing the only reason Twilight didn't end up apple-picking at Sweet Apple Acres was because she wanted to make her way without any help from her friends at all...

Oh man that was great. :rainbowlaugh:
look up there! See that thing just floating by? That's the joke, and you just missed it.:ajbemused:

Good point, but how did she get to be Celestia's student in the first place? By being crazy smart and talented! how many times has she saved Equestria when Celestia couldn't do anything? Dunno, I lost count. How many ponies in Equestria could solve problems Celestia and Luna have been working on for millennia within days of finding out about the problem? Just one I'd bet, and her name is Twilight Sparkle. Twilight isn't a princess because Celestia made her one, she's a princess because she deserves it.



1. a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing.

I don't know if I'd count having to sleep in a public library as a sign of extra special treatment, so much as government cost-cutting. Hotels can get pricey. "Good news Bob, we're sending you to oversee our Cinncinati distribution center. Don't worry about being provided with a place to stay, you'll be sleeping on a cot in the foreman's office. You're just that important to us."

“Oh...” With gentle flaps of her wings, Rainbow Dash slowly backed away from Twilight’s gaze. “Well, you know, you left the portal in the library and... well. Let’s just add ‘making out with yourself in an alternate universe’ to the list of perks.”

"Wait, you can do that?" asked Rarity

"Psh, yeah" said Rainbow Dash.

Rarity got up from her chair, "if you'll excuse me everypony, I do believe I left something back at the Crystal Empire."

"Ah'll help ya look for it" offered Applejack.

"Ooh me too!" declared Pinkie Pie

"Um, hello?" interrupted Twilight, "kinda going through an existential crisis over here, and I'd really like it if it wasn't just Fluttershy that stayed to comfort me.

"Oh, actually, Twilight" said Fluttershy, "I just remembered, I have a report on the mating habits of humans and it's due tomorrow. Sorry."

Hmm... Laugh, or cry? Laugh because it's hilarious, or cry because it's true? I can't decide. :facehoof:

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5187609 Yes somebody should make a fanfic about what would happen if the Mane 6 did not born. Equestria and the Crystal Empire will be certified hellholes with the all villains fighting each other for control of the world

5187749 What floating thing? :applejackconfused:

5188074 You speak the truth :pinkiehappy:

5188341 Some parody you made that it got some of your readers into hating the actual MLP FIM show

5189215 You make less sense than Pinkie Pie on a sugar high

I laughed. Probably more than I should have, even. :rainbowlaugh:

Let me explain. What 5187749 means can be summed up by this gif:

5189264 So the joke on me? :applejackconfused:

No, the joke isn't on you, it just went over your head. If this fic were written by a Hater, as you said earlier, there is no way it would have received as many upvotes as it has.

5189286 You be surprised about how many people here have one foot outside of the fandom. I keep coming across people leaving Fimfiction and insulting MLP FIM

I'll give it 8 out of 10. It's a good gag overall, but having Twilight Sparkle "useless at anything but being a princess and singing" is frankly stretching the joke until it snaps. :rainbowhuh:

(Also, given that Ponies get their talents from their Cutie Marks, I suspect that licensing regulations may be a bit looser than in our world. :pinkiecrazy: )

5189411 Hmm. Come to think of it, do Ponies with an ambiguous cutie mark (like, say, Cherilee) have to get an affidavit or something as to the actual meaning of their cutie mark?

"You say you're a teacher. I dunno - that looks more like a flower-grower cutie mark to me."

While this wasn't my personal cup of tea, I simply must compliment you on the excellent bit where Rarity explains the difference between nepotism and cronyism.

That was very nice, particularly with the commonness of confusion between the two and the description of the story. Gave a nice bit of dry humor by having it be an in-character mistake with only the technical details of the accusation rather than the main point being immediately deflected.

I didn't feel it had enough buildup to justify the hand-wave it did at the end. The humor just isn't there for me.

Nice one even though this is a parody. :rainbowlaugh:
This fic pretty much describes why I believe in technocracy, since power is invested in those who are capable of making decisions in their respective field and not because of petty connections and privileges.

It's a sad thought that on Earth, many brilliant minds can't earn their positions because some less qualified individuals have been born into a more favorable position in the "system" (for a lack of better term).

lol Neighgasaki

They live a feudal mon...di...tri...quad? Quadarchy. They live in something that isn't democracy(cronyism is there too) that's the way it works. Patronage. The more important people you are connected to, the better your chances at success. What? You think people get ahead by merit? LOL.:trollestia:

This is so true it hurts. Fav'd

Easy. She qualified for that position by being Twilight's friend.

Really, Twilight, I'm shocked that you're so surprised. Your whole deal is that you're the Element of Friendship, remember? You've got friends in very high places!

But seriously. Work inside the system. Stay close to Celly and Luna, then the next time a Tirek comes along, take over and work towards a more egalitarian system! It's that simple.

She is Celestia's niece's sister in law, so technically nepotism applies?

5189418 'Umm... I'm like totally nurturing minds and things. And hey, look you left your huge bag of weed hanging out.'

'Oh, right, yes, nuturing. Flower of learning and all that. Here, just let me put my huge bag of weed away, and get out my stamp thing.'

Seriously, Cheerilee either smokes weed or drinks to deal with the Crusaders in her class. Wouldn't you?

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