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It's fanfiction all the way down.



Star Power isn't Twilight Sparkle -- but she does play her on TV.

This story has an audio version!

Written for the December 5th Writeoff Contest. Prompt: "Behind closed doors."

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Someone should really write that Butterup/Barnstormer dynamic together, it would be so cute. :rainbowkiss:

Very rarely do I see something totally original (as far as I know) on Fimfiction. Usually a great story is an idea done v better than its predecessor.

Many ups are given! (But the site only accepted one)

You should do more


I hope so. This feels like the first chapter of a much longer work. I can see it sitting by itself, but I think it needs to be part of something more extensive.

Butter Up should turn beet red.

The Actingverse should be a thing now.

Author Interviewer

yaaaaaas Jaxie listen to Esteeeeeee

Trying to pressure him into writing more stuff you like? :duck:

For shame.

Clearly we should all write interviews next writeoff just to mess with everyone. Clearly real life wrote the plot of Read It And Weep, when Barnstormer broke her wing.


Just have PP write them all himself, he wrote all 31 stories last writeoff according to that one expert literary analysis script


No! That's not true! That's impossible!


I'm surrounded!


Oh, please. There's two of us. At most, you're being flanked.

But a horse has four flanks. I volunteer for number three! :twilightsmile:

I like it as-is.

I had a big, me-centric thing typed out here but I realized no one rightly cares. Essentially, it's nice as-is but I think it'd be a bit too much if you went longer. I could see maybe a few 'interviews' like this but if you matched the number of 'main actresses' in the show it'd be pushing the story into 'a chapter just to round it out' country. Maybe double or triple up on the characters interviewed? Just a thought.

5387657 I dunno, I for one feel like joining the charge.

I feel like I've already done this before.

This was interesting. You should totally do a sequel that discusses the dragons that aren't Spike. Because I wanna see if all of them are CGI or if there are some actual dragon actors.

I might be getting the wrong vibee here but Star Power seems kind of sad and lonely. Maybe she's still just young and finding her place in the world, I don't know.

Amazon, clearly. They actually have traces of the mentor/student relationship that makes Twilestia so common but the power imbalance and age difference are considerably smaller. And Amazon wasn't like Mom Two for Star Power so it's a lot less creepy.

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.


I am so glad someone actually got that. :ajbemused:

Yes, that is absolutely the intended read. Star Power isn't a Twilight expy. She's a sad, stressed out, lonely, typecast child actor who is imagining what it's like to be her character because her character seems happy.

5388391 That's exactly what I thought, I don't know why that was so hard to grasp for some people. It really is sad, hearing you put it like that just makes me want to hug her.:fluttershysad:

The skit is fairly amusing, and I think it bodes well. However, I'm going to be honest, you originally had me pissed because I was in the middle of working on a very similar story when I found this. :twilightsheepish:

All in all, I think this was cute.


That's right, you're another victim of GaPJaxie, time traveling plagiarist!

Now it's time to go steal the scripts for Season 5! *woop woop woops out*

That was really good. And original. I honestly do not think I've seen another story on the site with the premise.
Also, count me as a member of the crazed masses who want more of this. There are lots of things to explore: does Celestia exist in the "real" world? What is the "real" world like(Do alicorns even exist or are they a fantasy concept)? What is Spike's voice actor like? How about Luna's or Discord's or any other major character. How did Star Power get along with the ponies who played Shining Armor and Cadance? There are so many more things that could be done with.

And if you don't decide to continue? Well we are all still blessed with this small piece of awesomeness, so in the end I would be satisfied.

I wrote a review of this story here.

Oh wow this is awesome.

And calling it now, Deep Cover is basically Kirk Lazarus from Tropic Thunder. She don't break character till she do the dvd commentary.

Wow I've never seen this done before! I love it! :pinkiehappy:

Yes, more! More! :rainbowwild:

I have actually seen a few other stories with this premise, but they all either A) essentially have Twilight Sparkle et al playing themselves; or B) go for a heavy-handed "All the actors are actually the exact opposite of their characters! such irony lol mind=blown", neither of which are really satisfying. This manages to find a good middle ground between those extremes, though.

Another fantastic story from GaPJaxie. I love the idea of the acting verse, especially Butter Up. You know they made the episode "Green Isn't Your Color" as pure fan service, right?

5387928 personally I was thinking this is a decent lead into a life-on-set story. not necessarily interviews but detailing lives around the show.

this almost convinces me to do a original story bookshelf. I have this one saved in my top awesome shelf, but if I come across another sometime it may form

... Suddenly I want to see the tabloid articles from this word.

It felt like a weak ending to me, but I guess all good things have to end eventually. D:

Interesting premise. It makes me wonder if they had special guest stars play either Flim and Flam, Discord, or Trixie.

An interesting idea, well realized! You present Star Power as her own pony, instead of Twilight, very well.

My immediate reaction to this is "Oh my god, if Princess Celestia isn't real, all of pony society must be completely different!" And now i'm wondering how much is different and how it would work because literally their entire government in the show is basically Princess Celestia. And then there's the question of, if you remove all the bad things and the elements of harmony and, apparently, spike, what are the implications of this? What's equestria's military? Is it actually a powerful force to be reckoned with? Do griffons exist? Is the entire sociopolitical landscape completely different because they don't actually have any friendship powered superweapons, or apparently any alicorns at all?

I'd Very much love to see interviews with all of the actors, including the two princesses, the writer (this universes Lauren Faust) as well as the voice actor for spike.... and then perhaps some minor bits about the other side characters (Why is Lyra sitting like that?!)

Trixie is played by Chrysalis :pinkiegasp:

I like this. A lot. Seriously, this was a unique spin on things for MLP. Well done, good sir!

5389425 I had a idea for something like this but like a radio play version of the show but behind scenes they cant stand each other or the pony they act act as (now i should read this)

Star tilted her ears up and turned her head to the side, completing the motion with a little wave of her her hoof.

Repeating yourself.

cracking her neck and drawing a breath

There's a space too much after "drawing".

My thoughts exactly, Cloudhop, but I am disappointed to not see them addressed at all.

I was a little disappointed that the fiction didn't slip in a similar, darker undertone during the interview. I expected a theme to The Truman Show in tone, where something is engineered precisely for a deliberate purpose, and some people are kept out of the loop as part of that plan.

So, is the show in-universe a historical piece, a piece of propaganda or a reenactment of the actual adventures as they're happening, like a reality show? There's no real clear indication and, although the ambiguity is welcomed, there doesn't seem to be a hint to either of these or all of them.

I mean, don't get me wrong, there are subtle hints towards the workings of Equestrian society in this fiction, especially through the mentioning of the 'Worth of Stallions," suggesting that they're the minority gender, as most of our headcanons imagine them to be so, but most of the fiction doesn't really focus on that, or sneak it in subtly.

they’re this old collection of classics one of the prop designers picked up from a closing library.

Does suggest that the books on set might be the show's modern literature, suggesting that the setting is historical, though that isn't really convincing enough as, after all, the prop artists probably didn't consider weighing much importance of what is in the library.

Overall, this is an interesting idea for a very strong story that tells its true tale hidden in the background by shallow set pieces. Too bad it feels like a wasted opportunity. But in its current state, this story serves no real purpose other than as a large metaphor to write a fun interview scene of a show - any show. Show in question having no importance on the interview.

Wile I'm not a big fan of one shots but I loved reading this thanks for making it.

Author Interviewer

This fits in with the thing that I thought of where Star takes Amazon's vague mentorship as something more, possibly on more than one level, and the older actress has to be all "whoa shit, you a child, lay off" and she doesn't understand what happened until she's much older.


So, is the show in-universe a historical piece, a piece of propaganda or a reenactment of the actual adventures as they're happening, like a reality show? There's no real clear indication and, although the ambiguity is welcomed, there doesn't seem to be a hint to either of these or all of them.

Or perhaps more fun - both.

It could be everything from a lighthearted kids show made about history - loosely based on real events, to a North Korea-like deification of the 'Dear Leader' - compulsory viewing in Equestria and all the conquered lands.

5389575 There's the third suggestion that, unlike any other show we have right now, the adventures happening actually did happen very recently, and the show is recorded and scripted as little as a month after.


The dragons are all CGI. They were added in by Lauren Faust in the special edition of MLP. She said she always wanted to have them walking around in the background, but didn't have the budget for it.

My feeling is that the show as presented here is entirely fictional except some of the abilities ponies have (i.e. pegasus on clouds, unicorns with magic, earth pony farmers). Essentially Star Power is Tara Strong. While I can't say for certain 'there is no monarchy in Equestria' I think the intent was Star Power is playing an entirely fictional character in an entirely fictional setting - like Lazy Town or Sleeping Beauty for ponies. Alicorns are like angels, draconequi are like demons ... that sort of thing. A fictional, utopic fantasy land for the foals before they're thrust into the harsh and dirty reality that is life.

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