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Every time I look at my Read Later list I cringe in horror. I want to read a few of them, but which do I choose? There are so many that it usually takes me longer to find the right one than to read it! It's about time I organize my reading list, don't you think?

I'm planning to have one shelf for unread stories of each genre or category - Romance, Adventure, et cetera - depending on which I feel is the dominant tag for each. I'll also have one for personal recommendations from friends, and one for those that I was really intrigued by but was too busy to read at the time. Another three shelves are set aside to house stories I read and liked, those I read and disliked, and those I'm either ambivalent or apathetic about. Two or all three of those will have subfolders to explain why I feel that way about the stories. The final shelf is for those that I really enjoyed; life-changing stories, or those that were so poignant that I can't help but set them apart from the others.

Since you're here, why not stop in at the message boards? I would love to hear your thoughts on a story that you really enjoyed or disliked, an author that never fails to please, an argument as to why I'm wrong to like or dislike a certain story, or whatever! I think as long as it pertains to stories - Fimfics or not - then it's worth posting.

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I promise I will, just as soon as I find any time at all to do so. I haven't read a story in months! :raritydespair:

Thank you for adding my short story "The Apple Outcast" to your reading list, when you get to it please tell me what it was like!

Yay first to comment!

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