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Am back, may continue writing.

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Ha, a good day is coming. · 2:03pm Jul 12th, 2019

Very excited. After a multitude of world building on top of a really solid amount of story outlining on top of learning a new language(to an extent) and also on top of writing the first chapter for the world being built and the outline being made and the language being learned, I am close to submitting said first chapter to the creator of the language to ensure the usage is correct before rooting about for a pre-reader and an editor, two things I likely need badly giving how long I've been away

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Thanks so much for the fav on why she serves:twilightsmile:

Just finished it up earlier this morning. All in all fairly solid, and a take on changelings falling in love I've not seen before. Nothing amazing or remarkably miraculous, just straight up potentially lethal. I'm interested to see how they plan to work around that.

I'd be interested to hear what you think so far

Two chapters from the while thing so far

Thanks for the favorite on Death of a Queen. Mind if I ask how far you made it through the story?

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