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My name was Razorbeam, and I am retired. (From Fanfiction)

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That means a lot to me, considering some of them are now a decade old. Hope they still entertain, and thanks for your remembrance!

I'm giving all of your fanfics a re-read :)

That, I can do. The efficacy of writing advice varies widely, though, lol. Thankfully, if you liked the old stuff, I'm pretty sure I've learned a lot and gotten quite a bit better along the way, so I might be more helpful now than I would have been back then.

That's fair enough. But do you mind if I PM you asking for writing and story-telling advice in the near future?

I'm one of the boys from way back that really enjoyed your works.

Honestly, probably not. My stuff on here's all pretty old, and there's not a lot left to say about any of it that can't be picked up through the comments on the stories.

I appreciate being asked, though! It's a little heartwarming, truthfully. :scootangel:

  • Viewing 295 - 299 of 299
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