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Hey I was wandering what's the password to read Dragon warrior I would really like to read it but ever time I click on it it says I have to have a password. :unsuresweetie:

2174409 Wow I had no idea I had a comment, lol
There was. There indeed was. But after integrating into the world (and coming so far) I've scrapped my original idea since that was written years prior. I'd like to continue it, there are many things I feel could be addressed but as of right now, I'm mostly focusing on settling into a new place. But there is still a desire to create a follow up...

So is there a sequel to castle bahumat :duck:

2077475 ayo MA im doing gr8 m8, dont h8. i reiter8, i dont hesit8

*ahem* fantastic for the time being bruv

ayy how u duin' m8??/

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