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Why I've been gone... and Why I'm back · 5:50am Mar 1st, 2015

Alright ya'll... I know, I've been gone for a while, let me explain.

I got a job... on the opposite side of the country. So it's been a big move, one with lots of stuff happening in sequence, but I've settled into my new, well paying job, and I'm ready to get back to work.

However, I do have an emergency plan. In the event that I cannot continue only human, I will post the entire story outline here, but until then, I will get back to it.

I hope you haven't forgotten about me...

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You write good stories, and I wish you back!

It's been too long since you've received comments in general, so on the off-chance you pop your head back in at some point, your stuff is great, and you should feel great for having written it!

Have to say, your stories are amazing

Hey, Smoking. Noticed you hadn't updated anything/posted a blog entry in a while, so I decided to drop a comment. ...I'll be completely honest, I only checked your page to see if you had been working on anything since the last update to Only Human. Saw a few of your blog posts and decided to say this:

Though most of your other readers may not know that you're currently battling depression, all of us that do know are rooting for you and if the others knew, they'd be rooting for you as well. Depression is a bitch and while I may not have sage advice or, hell, any useful words for you, I can say this: Stay strong. While we may not be able to lend you a shoulder to cry on or any physical support, we believe in you, cliché as that sounds. You'll get through this, we know you will. And besides, when has the internet ever been wrong about something?

...Don't answer that.

Sure can't wait for the update to "Only Human". That is downright the best fanfic I have read in a very long while, and hope to be able to continue reading it soon! The story enchants!:rainbowkiss:

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