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Beyond the Horizon

That one guy who watches other guys write stories about extra dimensional sapient ponies.


On the Nature of Real Life, and the Effects it has on an Individual. · 1:16am Aug 6th, 2014

So, yeah. Real life kind of walked up to me, grabbed my head, and then beat my face in with its knee. Haven't been able to come up with anything for anything I'm involved in at the moment due to the fatigue (blame that one on having to drag a 70 lbs water heater out to the curb...). A little burnt out at the moment, sadly.

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Le Character Bio~

Ohh! Fancy that, a visitor! Well if you found this page, you must have seen me at some point! I bid you welcome to my humble page, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Name: Unknown (Real Name: Ashton Blake)

Given Names: Zair Blackwood, Zire Black, Lucient Regal.

Origin(s): Wander, Dimension

Aliases: The Second's Apprentice, Kaleidoscope's Student, The Adamant Guardian, The Green Wraith, (Translated to English) Immortal Thunder Reaper, the Sword of the Gem, the Traveling Agent, Aimless Wanderer, Walker of Planes, the Dirge of Emerald Thunder, Heaven's Wrath, the Phantom Chess-master, the Conductor.

Occupation: Student of the Second True Magic, Alternate Reality Traveler (ART)/ Dimensional Documenter.

Race/Classification: Human, Spiritual Existence, Dimensional Anomaly.

Personality: Helpful, Calm, Cheerful, Absent-Minded, Adventurous, Battle Junkie, Wandering.

Physical Description: At first glance, you wouldn't know that I've been an extra-dimensional Wanderer for a hundred years!

Eyes: Hazel, Hair: Dirty Blond, Skin Tone: Fair.

Attire: Solid color shirts, sweat pants, zipper sweater hoodies, greatcoats, combat boots.

Formal Attire: White suit, white pants, white undershirt, white gloves, and a red tie.

Battle Wear: Black overcoat sewn in with various spell runes and formulaic magic shapes, black gloves (Mystic Code, Left and Right Hands of the Storm), green under-armor made of extremely light and flexible carbon-nano armor, black pants reinforced with the same kind of material, and combat boots with protective spells and enhancement spells.

I still don't look a day over nineteen, though that's a side effect of my form of Immortality. I'd say I have a toned figure, but its weird, whenever I try to workout, my body doesn't change, and I still get stronger. Its a little disappointing. I stand at around 5'11, and weigh in at 145 lbs. I have a. . . somewhere between fair and tan complexion, which is odd because I'm usually out in the sun. Oh well.

Abilities: Semi-Immortality - Spirit of the Immortals, Mind of the Immortals (Still able to be killed, but will keep coming back, extremely hard to stop, mental processes enhanced and unable to be tampered with), Enhanced Learning, Shape-Change Immunity, Dimensional Interference Resistance, Reality Alteration Resistance, Mental Alteration Immunity, Limited Temporal Alteration, Greater Spacial Alteration.

Skills: Weaponry Expert, Expert Marksman, Cooking, True Magic, Orthodox Magecraft, Expert Tracker, Runic Engraving, Enchantment, Magic Array Creation, Construction.


Second True Magic - Apprentice Level (Operation of Parallel Universes/Worlds/Realities/Dimensions(Higher levels locked out due to extreme trauma -Physical, Emotional, Spiritual- caused by acquiring it) Allows for the user to tap into the Multiverse as a whole for a variety of different uses, primarily as a means of transport between them.)

Trans-Dimensional Lightning Magecraft (Originally Familial Lightning-Based Magecraft, altered due to Familial Crest being fused with a Fragment of the Second True Magic (Dimensional Positioning and Transitioning), Primary Attack Method and Transportation) Born from the attempt of Blake's ancestors attempts to harness the raw, primal force of Lightning, this unique Magecraft is both his primary offensive tool, and his method of traveling between dimensions, as he is unable to fully access the power of the Second True Magic.),

TDAWTS ((Trans-Dimensional Automatic Weaponry Transfer Spell, a pocket dimension used to store any piece of weaponry found on his Wanderings. Bound to soul.) A special spell born from what Blake is able to do with the Second True Magic as well as collaboration with Master Zelretch, this basically functions as Hammerspace for Blake.),

Magic Array Creation - Advanced Combat Applications. (The ability to both create complex Arcane arrays, and subsequently use them in combat effectively. This level grants reduced time in array creation, as well as reducing the overall design complexity required),

Orthodox Magecraft - Structural Grasp (Reinforcement, Alteration, Unlocking, Projection, Restoration),

Overclocking - ( A specially Modified form of Reinforcement, Overclocking combines Blake's natural Lightning related skills and the innate power of Reinforcement. It is essentially a specialized self-use of Reinforcement that increases the entire body's reflexes, reaction time, and all other mental related feats, as well as enhancing his overall strength, durability, and speed, as well as enhancing his unnarmed attacks with Lighting. Is able to be used with Blitzkrieg, but that's about it. Has four levels, regular, Megawatt Overclocking, Gigawatt Overclocking, and Overclocking Maximum.)

TDAWTS Inventory (General):

Blitzkrieg - Modified Model R Type-2 HVSS ((Model-Ruby Type-2 High Velocity Sniper Scythe) Primary weapon, greatly modified from base weapon. Includes Immortal slaying blade, runes etched in the barrel for effortless reload, and other weapon modes.)

Ten-Thousand high caliber HVSS rounds, modified with Magecraft.

Left and Right Hands of the Storm - Mystic Code, allows for the handling, shaping, and channeling of lightning.

Arcane Boomstick (x2): Magecraft Enhanced, Runic Engraved, Enchanted Sawn-off Shotguns.

Twenty-Thousand Spell Shells, Twenty Thousand Normal Shells, Ten-Thousand B.L.A.C.K Shells, Ten-Thousand Warp Shells, and Five Thousand Goodfellow Shells for Arcane Boomstick.

Various materials used for building and construction (Steel, Iron, Gold, etc)

Well then! There ya have it, the sum total of who I am and what I can do! If you ever see someone like me around, say hi! I might even recognize you!

Memorable Quotes:

ZEEEELLLLLLREEEEETTTCCCCCHHH!!! - General response to realization that Zelretch tossed him into a new dimension for training while asleep.

Blame it on Zelretch? Blame it on Zelretch. - The go to response for anything and everything weird. Because he always has something to do with it.

You'd think people would learn not to mess with beings from other planes of existence wouldn't ya?

Well well. Someone who doesn't die within the first five seconds! I like you, what did you say your name was? - Asked to anyone he has fun fighting.

Frak frak frak frak frak frak FRAK! - Something bad going on.


Don't worry, I'm immortal!

Contact Information:


Steam Account Name - TheEmeraldWanderer

What else. . .

. . .

Random English-Latin into Google Translate, HOOO!

Invictus Noctis Aeternam - Undefeated Eternal Night

Unum una occidere iecit - One shot one kill

Condimentum praeeunt - Rangers lead the way

Numquam tibi supremus adspectus. - The last sight you'll never see.

Pertransiet cælos tuos exercitio! - Pierce through the heavens with your drill!

Duo gradus ab inferis de paradiso gradum - Two steps from hell, one step from paradise.

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Hey man, its Red... listen, are you okay? I don't know if you told me something before your silence, but some of us are worried. I seen you been on, but...

I miss my friend.:fluttershyouch:


Nah, I've been gone for a while as well. Mostly doing IRL stuff and some other things on the side. Bit of a break from Fimfic, honestly.

But no, not in a fire risk area. In a drought, certainly, but not at risk for fires.

Hey, thanks for the follow, I'm very happy to see you're enjoying my work :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite.

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