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The "Staff" of DungeonMiner, those he trusts, and listens to, those who edit, critique, question, etc.

Here, we plan our stategies, move our pieces, roll our dice, and share our ideas. All those invited are welcome to join.

Sir Squidfish: Chief Editor
Kilokk: Secondary Editor/Writer in Training
The Keybrony Master: Post-production Editor
Beyond the Horizon: Quality Control
Treilacl: Head Critic
Pinkie Pie: The Voice in my Head

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Anyone else stop by occasionally to see if anyone posted anything?

Squiddy was here.

Kilokk was here

350693 Mainly...mainly this one English class, and attending funerals and my brother's wedding...also, this:

I probably sound like an impertinent child... whatever.. seriously though, what's everyone else been up to?

'A desolate wind blew through the barren ruins of the previously thriving wonderland of creation and intellect, bringing a small layer of dust to raise from the room and then settle lightly again as it died down to a gentle breeze, before dissapearing completely. A lone figure stood in the ruins with a sad look upon his face. He looked about slowly before asking a question that fell upon no ears other than his own.'


So... Forgot this was a thing...

Geez... I go MIA and this place went dead... no comments in 16 weeks? what have you been doing?

322865 -shrugs- I'll figure it out eventually... Also, have you ever used this magnificent bucking thing?! I love this thing...

Comment posted by The Keybrony Master deleted Aug 8th, 2013

322809 I had then for a year, no hidden charges.

322801 Ours said "Oh, you'll only pay 20 a month for internet, tv, and phone" so naturally, when my grandfather got a 120 bill he permanently cut it off... I might get it when i move into my new place if I'm lucky though.. also "as low as 15 a month" that's how they get you.. they tell you the lowest price possible, but not what they have as a maximum price...

322768 AT&T offers for as low as 15/month... not exceptionally fast, but still good enough to surf the webz.

322766 ahem

I'm too poor for an Ipad... :raritydespair: I hate not having money... it blows

I just told you I was poor! I can't afford that stuff, the last bill was 120 dollars a month... We spend more than that in groceries.... we're lucky to have money left over after the essentials... why do you think my latop is being held together with ductape for?

322765 *blink* wat? Y U NO INTERNET?!

322763 lucky bugger... I don't even have internet at home... or tv... or a phone... I'm actually at my aunt's borrowing her neighbor's wifi...

322762 I'm 21, and have worked for the same (crappy) company since I was 17. I don't have much, but I did get a discount on this (used) iPad

322761 I'm too poor for an Ipad... :raritydespair: I hate not having money... it blows

322760 I don't often leave the house... and I have an iPad for traveling...

Either way. Desktop.

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