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Reason 43,432,546 · 4:48pm Nov 9th, 2018

For why I'm not updating:

Bought it Tuesday night, promptly spent 26 hours on it in two days, stopping only to sleep and wash clothes.

I had things that needed doing.

Like building solar panels.

And hydroponics bays to grow food in the winter.

And fighting off swarms of man-hunting iguanas with rifles and a pack of trained Yorkshire Terriers.

Yes you read that right.

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Nope, haven't heard of him. And I'm partial to the Warhammer and Mad Dog, myself.

Yup! MAD-3R or -5S are my favorite 'mechs. And the Hatchetman makes a terrifying punchbot in BattleTech. Out of curiosity, you watch MoltenMetal on YouTube?

Ah, thank you.

Heyo, I just wanted to say that HBS have released a trailer for their first Battletech DLC.

And it involves the Hatchetman, a purpose built melee brawler mech. ^^

I though you might find this interesting.

  • Viewing 145 - 149 of 149
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