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Someone trip the circuit breaker... · 7:16pm Jul 14th, 2014

... because a misanthrope's fuse was blown sky high! Woo! :trollestia:
On the super slim chance of said person reading this, well, you know exactly who you are.

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Your picture: Twilight flies into the window, Apple bloom calmly says “Oh, hi twilight” :rainbowlaugh:

Saw your avatar picture and thought, "Hah! Simpsons movie reference!" and "That's a really good splat drawing of Twi."

Yo, Jack.

Just thought I'd give you a heads up. Posting the final chapter of "Elements Change the Dark Hearts" within the next half a day. I do hope you give it a read (as well as any other chapters you missed, if you haven't checked them out yet), and I hope to see you in the comment section sometime soon.

I'll be fair, I haven't watched the recent season either, but that's mostly because I've been busy with life too (work, preparing to get my wife up here to live with me, more work), as well as side serving of my other hobbies (other written projects, art, gaming) and procrastination. Though, I'm still enough in the fandom that I do intend on watching the episodes later sometime down the line, and still enjoy the characters and stories told, both canon and non. That, and I still enjoy the company of the community.

Anyway, I did drop hints, but I guess I can just outright say it since i'm two chapters in. It's Psycho Mantis, from Metal Gear Solid.

  • Viewing 245 - 249 of 249
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