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Welcome, pilots, to the Titanfall group!

This is where people get to hang out and talk about Titanfall! And also, if you want, you can make your own Titanfall crossover fic!

Just a few rules before you enter:

1. No flame wars in the forums. All arguements should be sorted out in a decent manner.

2. If you do happen to write a story here, make sure it's about Titanfall, or at least it has something to do with Titanfall

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Would you say at the end of titanfall II that planet collapses or simply blew up

Comment posted by Daniel YZF deleted Apr 3rd, 2018

354376 Just try your best and it may be good you never know!:applejackunsure::moustache::moustache::pinkiesmile:

I'm working on a Titanfall crossover project, it'll be my first crossover though, so it may suck. :rainbowwild:

You know I should as this crossover to my project list. Sounds promising of being epic, just by name alone :)

Waiting for the crossovers and such...
Also, here before here was found by famous people...


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