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  • 5 weeks
    random thought

    So out of these 3 who would you join
    Apex predators

    (Titanfall for those who don't know)

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  • 13 weeks

    So most of your probably thought I was dead, in terms of commenting and doing stories here then yes I’m very much dead, I might come back alive in afew months or not, so yeah this is more or less a “I’m still alive” post than anything

    I’ll see all of you later

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  • 32 weeks
    Yeah sorry

    So y’all know how I said I’ll get a new chapter out by Halloween, yeah I made that post when I didn’t know I had exams soon, so my attention hasn’t been focused on the story and more on passing the year with good scores, however I can say afew short stories might pop up here and there after next week and the rest of the year, the key word here is Might

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  • 98 weeks

    Okay so most of my followers here are ones that read the glitch before I cancelled it all I’m here to say is I might rewrite it some time in the future but I’m going to need someone to help me edit it if I do it

    The reason why I might rewrite it is cause my other story ideas all came from the glitch and I can’t get it out of my head so the story will be revived maybe later this month.

    Simply message me if you want to help edit.

    I’ll see you all soon

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random thought · 9:16am May 14th

So out of these 3 who would you join
Apex predators

(Titanfall for those who don't know)

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Thank you for adding An Overlord Apart to your Favorites!

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Thank you for adding Warlord to favourites, Please let me know what you liked and disliked.

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