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Welcome Pilots to the Titanfall group!

Here you can chat about the game talk about strategies and best of all, read and write crossovers!

If you want to know what Titanfall is follow this link:

Click Me!


1. Don't mess with peoples work especially when they are trying to be serious, in other words when someone makes a thread for something important, do not mess it up. As much as I hate banning, I will start if people continue to irritate all members.

2. No asking for admin, I will look at who will be best suited for admin-ship

3. If you are going to add a story to this group, please make sure it has a strong reference to the game Titanfall or else I will be forced to remove it.

4. Have fun!

Current Admins:
Dawn Fury

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There are three stories that don't show up for me in the first folder. Fix?

Would you say at the end of titanfall II that planet collapses or simply blew up
Am new here aswell

Made 2 general folders

I think you need to put in a folder so I can add my story

Just saying no trolling with serious work in this group. Trolling is fine just if you know your limits


Seriously....already....is there any group your not in?

Happy #4 · Apr 3rd, 2014 · · 1 ·

Verbal harassment already?


:facehoof: Says the idiot with no idea what he's talking about.

Happy #2 · Apr 3rd, 2014 · · 1 ·

It's Call of Duty with Mechs.

Also there's been 2 groups before this.

:yay: I was wondering if anyone would make a Titanfall group!

Now, if only the game's storyline/fluff was better :fluttercry:

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