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We like Halo and like Ponies. Not much else to it.

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Does anyone remember the story "not exactly green, no odst is" or something like that. I just noticed that it wasn't in my favorites anymore and I can't find it anywhere

Im looking for a story long ago, though i think it was deleted. It was called hell jumper through and through.

What a great idea, pal, I approve the story since now.

Before anyone says something, I would like to say that I always wanted to do it, even if I'm not an administrator.

How do I go about getting my story added here?

Why can't I seam to find any halo crossovers that have a female Spartans lead

411025 I watched the video and i have never laughed this hard in my life I don't know why but it was funny...:twilightsheepish:

Fire Team Harmony might be the figureheads of this group.

357438 Halo Reach isn't broken. Heck, I still play what Halo games work on my x-box. (1, 3, 3ODST, & Reach). Bungie made the games last.
My friends and I hook up those games and play the heck outta them.

I know nothing about Matchmaking but when I had Xbox LIVE I was playing an online only game: War Front...? It's been so long. I would only play the team missions because if I tried going against other people and actually land a few hits people got upset. It's not the game; just butt-hurt people.

I feel like there should be more RVB stories... Anyone agree?


Hey, BadAssGrunt, would I have permission to post a thread, advertising my new group? It is only a small group, and I am only looking to get started.

It would be much appreciated if I DID have your permission, but as always, it is your choice :twilightsmile:

-Sovie :pinkiehappy:

357438 Nope it's not broken Bungie has proven us time and time again they build games to last hell people are still playing halo two for gods sake. There games are mad to last and if one game makes you think other wise just thank god it's not like COD

346664 Well that's how some people are sometimes you have to say what ever then gr kill coves then next thing you know you'll be the one assassinating him.

346664 welp that proof that halo reach is broken

I'm looking for active friends that play Halo reach often I also do 3 and 4

Gamertag: xXNovaFoxXx

P.S I'm online nearly every day playing halo I'm a Field-Marshal on Halo Reach and I need help ranking up and need more friends to play halo with

The group where humans aren't pushovers

Please add and join to this group if you want stories where the human isn't a complete doormat!

346664 Yeah... I mean, he was going to die anyways.

Hey guys. Letting you all know that there is officially a master chief group.

Here's the link: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/201131/master-chief

check it :pinkiehappy:

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