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A gal with a tablet and a whole universe of ideas. ♥️

If you're interested in such things, feel free to check out the group I created and maintain focused on expanding the lore of my largest story yet, Of Starships and Golden Armors!


Dark Clouds · 9:13pm Dec 7th, 2021

Dark Clouds

I'm a writer
Who can't write
For there's nothing over yonder
In my mind

I'm a writer
Who can't write
Whose works only cause her
To lie down and pant
Among a sea of dark clouds

I'm a writer
Who can't write
For whomever enters
Her world's tiny life
Brings but distractions
Inspirations's lack.

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Who am I?

That's not for me to answer. Who I am for you, whoever might you be, is a decision to be made in your mind alone.

Someone who appreciates the values of friendship and attachment? A mother, a sister, a best friend, someone approachable... or a despised jerk.

Whichever fits more, is not my thing to say; I would always be biased, after all, would I not?

But all of your concerns, whoever you may be, oh passerby or daily visitor, I can promise to hold dear.

I live to help others, no matter who they are. Nothing is my calling as much as caring; or, at least, trying to care whenever and wherever I can.

Please save any comments exclusive for others for yourself while on my page. I will not tolerate which should not be tolerated, any hate, harassment or clear, straight-up hurt dealt to others. I feel entitled to and will protect those hurt while on my page in any way possible, depending on how the issue might escalate.

You also need to know that when coming here, you come to someone who's the embodiment of LGBT in one; a transgender girl, a non-binary person, a lesbian-leaning bisexual, and an asexual (Grey Ace) person.

Your views don't matter to me at all, and in my mind, you are a human person who might just as well be part of my real family, which, on this site, a few people already are. :heart:
However, I feel like pointing this part of me out may be necessary just in case it might prove bothersome for you.

Thank you all, my friends, and please don't feel afraid to reach out! It's my hobby to help others, extend a hand, care. Be a mother or sister for lease, and do whatever I can to make you feel better. I won't be bothered, of that, you can be certain. :twilightsmile::heart:

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Thanks for the follow!

It definitely is, indeed. :twilightsmile:
*hugs back*

You're right. There's always something positive to think about. *hugs* It's good to hear from you

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