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Creating crossovers and smut that shouldn't exist.

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You're on my page, which means you might have read a story written by me you liked and are looking for more, or you just wandered over here. In either case, I welcome you to my little hovel.
My main interest in writing is crossovers and porn. Sometimes they may not make much sense, but crossovers are my guilty pleasure. My two favorite universes? Other than MLP, they are XCOM and Halo.

I'm a big fan of Applejack, often writing her as a one-mare army. This is often seen in the XCOM story I wrote.

I'm also a big fan of Halo, especially the Sangheili. They're really the only aliens('sides the pones we all know and love) that I don't have a Warhammer 40,000 attitude to(I.E. if it isn't human it deserves to die.)

I'm also a novice at SFM. I'm only interested in creating stills at the moment, so don't expect any animations coming from me any time soon. You can see most of the family-friendly(ish) stuff at my DeviantArt page.

You want to see lewd stuff from me? I do that too, though I have a different account for that. You can find it here. Some of them, though, aren't for the feint of heart. Just gonna make a single account for all types of stories.

If you want to see my SFM art porn, I can't directly link it to you due to this sites rules, but you can easily search tumblr for 'lewdassgrunt'.

Oh, I also have a Patreon. It's nothing solid and I might abandon it, but here it is.

You want to game with me? Well, I mostly play single player games(I'm not too good at multiplayer), but here's my steam account and my xbox live account.

Blog Posts

  • 105 weeks
    Rest In Fucking Pieces

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    0 comments · 195 views
  • 108 weeks
    Blackened Skies Anthro Conversion

    Blackened Skies isn't dead, but it's slow writing due to it's current form. I have an ending planed out, but it involves the Forerunners. And to my knowledge, human hands(or at least the shape of the human hand) make it easier to interface with Forerunners' technology. With the addition of the weaponry of Halo, having fingers make things easier.

    Read More

    5 comments · 160 views
  • 120 weeks

    ayy lmao

    7 comments · 171 views
  • 127 weeks
    New Cover Art

    0 comments · 155 views
  • 135 weeks
    Somethin' I' making.

    0 comments · 171 views
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Hi there! Are you still there? My xcom story us up, if you are still interested

Thanks for the follow. :twilightsmile: Its really appreciated.

I assume you want an art request, right? If you do, go right ahead and tell me what you want, and I'll draw it.

*gasp* WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GRUNT?! *pulls out plasma grenades and starts running around wildly in protest*

2376131 I use my phone for this site not my computer:P

2375924 Did you try hovering the mouse pointer over the black bar? The black bars disappears when you hover over it. At least, for me.

  • Viewing 190 - 194 of 194
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