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Blaze Spectrum

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Story Progress

Unsubmitted Blazing Muzzles: 13500 words in approx. This is a spiritual rewrite of the original story, taking the same name but otherwise very different. It's not telling the same story, hopefully has something more profound to say than the original (which was just a sci-fi war fantasy where the state squashes its opposition), and is a lot smaller in scope of the story it is aiming to tell.

Unsubmitted Emnity: Being rewritten to be a new story, a tragic one-shot. 1500 words of progress approximately.

Interdimensional Princess: Complete

The Pink Arena: Complete

The Other World: Cancelled

Conquest: Prologue + 5 Chapters, 2.4k word chapter 6 proofreading, outlined chapter 7

John-117 in Equestria: I have a vague interest in finishing it with some ironic, bullshit ending, but it's very low on the priority list.


I 'reworded' large parts on Conquest, but I'm really back on here to rewrite Blazing Muzzles · 3:43am Jan 25th, 2022

After finishing the half-written chapter five, I went back to read the earlier chapters and was sorely disappointed with my clarity of writing almost all throughout. I was actually twelve years old back then, but despite putting out a significantly better written work (Interdimensional Princess), still couldn't see the fic for what it was: mediocre. It's still not anything amazing, but I couldn't stand to leave the previous chapters as such if I have any intention of taking it out of hiatus.

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*Avoid everything but these*
*grabs someone else's hand and slaps you with it*

Tara, sir!


*Comes back from the dead*

I'm sorry, come again?

You insult me with that box, sir. *removes glove and slaps you across the face* You have have dishonored my honor.

I need to find these people


2143856 It's great, yeah, but there are plenty of people watching it elsewhere and still here though.


1935021 Yeah, it was pretty cool overall - although I wasn't exactly a fan of Star crying. It just didn't feel like the right time for such a reaction yet, even if it brought Pony Head back to her senses. As far as I'm concerned, a character that bubbly breaking down like that - even if she was in the place she feared the most, should make the viewer feel as if every single tear she shedded had to be repaid in blood. Even then, that could have been done better. Still had a kickass BGM through the entire episode though, and Marco was pretty cool through it. Still wish that Star could have done more in it, but I guess we'll have to wait more for that.

BTW, here's an early link to Interdimensional Princess before it undergoes approval.

Watched the St. Olga's episode. Enjoyed it for what it was and it being 22 minutes gave it a different feel than the rest. Also the Princess brainwashing is a nod to Clockwork Orange- which is always a plus. And Marco rocking that poofy dress was nice to see. Yeah that ending means that finally some actually competent bad guys will be hunting down Star and Marco- and with that Alligator in a suit who is helping Ludo in episode 8- she's not the only competent bad guy in the series.

I think its going to get more worrisome for Star and Marco soon. Man that was a good episode though it did seem a bit off animation wise- don't know how or why.

1909278 Looks like I was late to the group - that didn't turn up in my search bar. Looks like that group could use a bit more organization though... And add three stories (None of them are particularly good, but they're crossovers). I also wouldn't mind if you stole the banner from my SvtFoE group or if you like, I can make a new one directly proportional to 1000x250.

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