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If you'll excuse me, I think that I've found the new theme song of this group.

Can I dislike my own comments?

I guess someone who's dead can't die again huh....

It's been past 10 seconds and I haven't died yet.

Comment posted by Phobos deleted Dec 18th, 2017

Oh wait.

It Is Quite The Surreal Experience To Be Staring Down At Your Own Corpse. I Would Know, Because I Have Done So Many Times. I Always Promptly Reanimate Myself Afterwards. Cause Of My Latest Death Is Still Unknown, Though!

Best Regards,

*examines body* nope, still alive..... I-*hear a fimilar growl* really, HellHounds. Like that woul- *dead* *heavy walks in* you are dead, no big surprise.

I am suing this group for false advertising. I joined at the time of 6:47:40 and it is now 6:49. That means that 2:20 has passed. :raritydespair: I was really looking forward to it too. :pinkiecrazy:

I can't believe it, I actually died!

what happens when you don't know how to die? but know how to kill other people? :pinkiecrazy:

*9 seconds later*

Well, this can't be—

hmmmm it's been almost been 2 weeks sense i joined and i still haven't died :moustache: i wonder how long this will take

Huh... Being a time lord DOES have its benefits...

its been a full two minutes,Im not dead,Im somewhat

Comment posted by Blaze Spectrum deleted Nov 26th, 2013

heavy does not fear your tiny leetle baby challenge *dead ringer uncloak* for he is bbbbbuuuulllleeett proooo *backstab* :twilightoops: gggggggaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! spy: im coming for all of u next.:duck:

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