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So can you just put any story you want

352621 This group transcends all time and space. It is truly infinity.

Not really, upon the creation of the group, there was no option to delete a group.

...You know you can delete groups, right?

It's nice for you guys to add stories, but c'mon, get people to join as well. As much as paper cuts hurt, we can't take over the world with literature alone.

You guys have failed us...

you guys are pathetic, I can't pick up all the slack

When that day is? Heck if I know, but it will come!!

Some day... we will take over the world.

Well. We seem to be only on page 15 of the group lists. Which isn't exactly terrible considering there are 87 of them. But still... Invite your friends!! Invite your ememnes!!! Invite your family!! Kidnap people!! do whatever it takes for people to aknowledge our existance!!!:pinkiecrazy:

I also accidentally created a group. It's called the Hindentanic and it's for putting you worst works out there to be thrashed by others. You do the same to them. That is all.

It is quite amazing how many people actually joined this group.

i didn't want to join such a pointless and stupid group, but i missed the "close tab" button and accidentally joined...

311160 "I just accidentally added a story to the group"

Well played... Very Well Played...

Hello everybody,
I just accidently added a story to the group. Spike the Knight.
It is an action adventure story with Spike as the main character.
Hope you enjoy.

Is it just me, or do we have a serious lack of insanity, absurdness, trolling, and just plain idiocy?

C'mon everypony! We need to work harder!!

Forget trollfics
this is a trollGROUP.
20% collah baybay.


{insert entirely unpretentious message here}

293001 Why yes... This group IS amazing.:moustache:

Hell yes. This group is amazing. I shall now spam everyone I know via a blog post.

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