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I want to die, yet I fear death. That probably says something about me, or not...perhaps not knowing is for the best.

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Hello, welcome to my page! Read about me down there.

Hi, my name is Bric_A_Brac_INKSPLASH, or you can call me by my several other names, such as ZAPPO, The prince of the light show, The Mad Jester, or KILLA_WATT.

I am a guy who is trying to make his dream of writing a reality.

I like super heroes, poetry, music, rap, and of course MLP.

I have ADHD, and I wanted to be a writer because of my father; he wanted to create a superhero universe similar to Marvel or DC, and when he had me, he wanted a little buddy to tell his ideas to, I suppose. But I am my own writer, and I want to make his dream a reality. So, for practice, I write fanfiction.

I would appreciate any help with writing. I would also appreciate advice from any other more experienced authors.

My big dream is to make writing a job so that I can actually make money from all of the worlds I create, but most importantly, I want to share the excitement and wonder I felt when I first saw a superhero movie.

Therefore, in a sense, I am here to promote the love of art and the creation of new worlds as old ones disappear and new ones arise. Art will always exist because people enjoy creating it and being amazed by it, regardless of whether fandoms fade or reappear, or artists die or are born!

Whether it is a picture, music, poetry, or a story, we are artists at heart; and may we rise to make the real world a more magical place.

So, like my favorite artist Stan Lee once said, "EXCELSIOR!"


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I want to say thank you for being so nice when I started out.

"Thanks anyway, even if I have been winning the game for a long time now." Pinkie would giggle.

"You know, I have never really talked to you...ponies? No, not Ponies, y'all are more like...hmmmm, well, whatever you guys are, I have been watching you, or, to be more specific, I have been watching you watch me" Pinkie would giggle again as her hair would deflate and her smile would flatten for the first time every that you have seen the pink mare, the darkness around the screen would shroud around Pinkie like a fog, and finally Pinkie would say,"If you don't stop spying on me and my friends, I will personally make you into a new batch of cupcakes and force you to watch as I take all your organs one organ at a time, turning each one into a new treat for all the ponies on my side of the wall to enjoy." Pinkie's face would lighten back up, and her familiar smile would come back to her face, as the sun splits the sea of darkness around her like moses did the ocean.

You feel your self moving on your own, you try and force yourself to put your hands back on your keyboard to respond but it seems impossible, your hands make a couple of hand motions, your figure crossed over your heart, then you cover your eye with on hand, and when you do you are free again.

"Gasp! You Pinkie promise!" Pinkie would say, her hoof covering her heart,"I hope you know the consequences of breaking said promise silly!"

"I hope you know what your doing, Robipony."

"Well, if you Pinkie promise, and your a good little..., whatever you are, I think I could let you watch us a little longer, after all watching never hurt anypony. But from now on I think I will control what you see, I hope thats ok silly."

"Well, bye for now; I will see you soon." Pinkie would say finally before the screen would glitch out flashing a flurry of colores before it would just go black and wouldn't turn on again.

  • Viewing 78 - 82 of 82
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