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I'm actually going to try building up on this unappreciated ship; if you write one, please join up and add your story. We'll accept pretty much any rating so long as you warn us about Mature tags. We also accept anything friendly considering we don't have enough of that, so welcome to the herd.

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Does anyone remember that one story free fall is a free for all? Where Scootaloo earns her cutie mark by falling off a building?

Mind if I leave this here? Okay, thanks!

Hey, love the new avatar and banner!
What did I tell ya'll? ScootaBelle WILL survive!!

I made it 100 members. Yay:pinkiegasp:

As the only admin of this group has been MIA for 34+ weeks at the time of writing this, I invite anyone looking around here to join the new admined and organized ScootaBelle Group.


Comment posted by Brohgue deleted Oct 22nd, 2013

My Resident Crusader will EVENTUALLY be Scootabelle. It is mostly fluff and vague hints.... They don't fully start dating till the 3rd and final story.... Do they have to realize their love for each other sooner, or can I get away with implied (heavily) fluff and tender moments.

Mostly it will be mature for gore... since I suck at writing sex stories.....

But I am 100% fine with reading them!!!!

:scootangel::heart::unsuresweetie: FOREVER!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Believe it or not, Equestria: Total War is what got me into this. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Silver out!

This ship! It is almost as unappreciated as SilverTiara, or Zecorabloom. It will be my honor and pleasure to be a member.

Hello! I'm a newbie to the group but I hope that we can be great buds! :pinkiehappy:

Just added Silvernis's Thirty-Minute Pony Stories to the group; the prompt you guys want is #278: "Growing Up".

I've found a possible shipfic, but it's rated Mature with Sex and Gore tags. I've already breached my innocence enough with putting the 'Show Mature' option on, and can't add it.

If somepony wants a very saucy story that will *probably* involve :scootangel::unsuresweetie:, check out PONIES IN ARMS-2. NUCLEAR WINTER by pvtread.

It was just a quick infobit I picked up while destroying my fractured innocence, continue with your life.

Don't you worry; I'll add them as they come.

'Course; I try my best! Trust me, I'm not chicken, I'm writing my own ScootaBelle-based stories every day. You won't be dissappointed!

I am here to see what ya have to offer :)
Don't disappoint me...

Tuxedo Mask, thanks for joining up! :pinkiehappy: Let's make this happen!

I'm sticking around no matter what; so, let's make this group great! Any story involving the ship is welcome.

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