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Brony since 2012. Autistic. Christian. 37/m, call me Andy.

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fJd Review: Patterns by Undome Tinwe · 5:15pm Nov 2nd, 2020

Rarity discovers a pattern in her relationship with Twilight, and wonders what she may have given up for love.
Undome Tinwe · 3k words  ·  198  9 · 1.5k views


This is a story about reflection. To some degree, about regret. But ultimately it is about self-doubt, the search for validation, and the understand of what it means to get that. It’s well-written, thought provoking, with a complex subject matter stuffed in there for good measure. There’s the whole love thing too, that’s awfully sweet.

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Hey, you deserve it, friend! :rainbowdetermined2:

Wow... Thank you, I needed that. I appreciate that so much.

I remembered to do it. I kept meaning to ever since I read it and reviewed it. I'm sorry it took this long.

Thanks for the fave. So what change do between this week and last that convinced you to add Death of a Queen to your favorites?

Thank you so much for the watch! :yay:

Thanks for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

May the Lord Jesus save, watch over, and guide you :twilightsmile:

Eyy, thanks for the follow!

Thanks for the terrific writing!

  • Viewing 180 - 189 of 189
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