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But seriously go make a post, keep this group active and alive!

-You cannot deny this chemistry an determination!

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dang didnt know it got cancelled, and it had a mature tag, no wonder i couldn't find it thanks

does anybody remember a story where mac was feeling trapped in the farm and dash tries to help out but accidently injures him in the process

i cant remember the name of that story, just wondering if anybody remembers it

Comment posted by Emberspirit deleted Dec 20th, 2015

I'm honoured you put my little Macindash story in this community! :raritystarry:

Thanks so much :rainbowkiss:

I have decided a sequel is in the works :rainbowkiss: + :eeyup: = :heart:

hahah maybe I should add more chapters and just continue their story :heart:
awe it would be perfect :rainbowkiss: :eeyup:

403968 You should totally add more chapters :D Like 50 of them ;)

Yay I'm glad you like it, I've been thinking on making a sequel for Sweater Weather. :rainbowkiss:

403966 I shall add it now, as well as give a read ^^

No I don't see it, it's called Sweater Weather.

403964 Have I added your story?

Agreed!! :rainbowkiss:
This is one of the best ships, I wish more people did ships of these two, I have one story that's MacDash. But I am proud of it :rainbowkiss:

403944 Yeah, I found M's group a while after my love for MacinDash started, but I felt his group was more of a "Post your fics and thats it" kind of group, and while that's all good and I'm not trying to bash him, I want this group to be alot more community based ^^

403957 Yass this ship must reign supreme forever!

I love MacDash ships I'm glad someone made a group like this :eeyup: :rainbowkiss:

The second-coming of what BlackM started. W-wherever you are. ;_;

403934 hell yeah! *brings out the party platter full of foods and drink*

Let's get this party stared!

Ladies and gentlemen, the lines are now open!

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