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Hello fellow RariMac enthusiasts! Here, in this very group, we celebrate the shipping of Rarity and Big Macintosh! Join the unicorn mare fashionista and the hard-working earth stallion on their adventure of love; either as a background, main or friendshipping. If it contains any sort of love between them (even as a friendshipping) IT'S ALLOWED!

Actually, I am still a Fancity shipper, but I'm leaning towards RariMac after listening to a bunch of comic dubs.

Banner and icon source: https://derpiboo.ru/tags/rarimac?page=4&scope=scpe9a504eea1dae74fd74ea742d3dd719c738fc56a1

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I just joined your group so hi again

Hi I'm Tuesday TwilightSparkle

Congratulations! This group proved itself with its freshness. As a consequence, it has been listed in New Groups.

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