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The Flyer and the Farmer

A group dedicated to to the Soarin'/Applejack pairing. If you like or tolerate it you are welcome to come on in. I do have some group rules:
1) No ripping into the rival ships such as SoarinDash, SoarinLight or AppleDash.
2) Add fics into the right folder, M rated fics have their own separate folder
3) Have a good time and introduce your selves
4) Spread the word

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Looking for a particular Soarinjack story. It's a comedy where Applejack and Soarin have a little too much to drink in Lost Wages and end up married. Can't find it here or Fimfetch. Anyone know the story?


i just wanna see a clopfic but nothing shows up

Soarinlight? That exists??

2 best shippings: macdash (rainbow dash x big mac) and soarinjack ( applejack x soarin )

I'm an avid SoarinJack writer and I think this is the BEST GROUP EVER!

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Heard about this group and thought i'd join if that's okay.
I'm wrote Love, Loss and Apples and I love Soarin/Jack.

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