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There is nothing as liberating, or terrifying, as a blank page.

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Anniversary · 3:07pm Feb 29th, 2020

Good Morning,

I wanted to take a minute and reflect. It was four years ago today that I joined FIMFiction. Four years. I’d like to thank you for being here through it all. Through my comedies and dramas. Mysteries and romances. Serious works and the WTF stories I don’t know where I got the idea from. Through one-shots and longer stories. From complete to my stories I still have yet to finish.

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Here's where I currently stand:
1) Untitled Drama - 26100 out of estimated 12000 words written I don't know anymore! But I'm committed to finishing it, and writing the best damn story I can!
2) Sequel to The Secret Life of... Scootaloo - Writer's Block. Sorry.
3) Sequel to Rainbow Dash Comes Out of the Closet - Parts II and III published. Part IV writing soon.
4) An Apple-focused drama - 100% complete! Publishing soon.
5) An Apple-focused drama - a third of the way done.

Pony Facts

Favorite Pony: Applejack :ajsmug: Favorite Princess: Luna Favorite CMC: Scootaloo :scootangel: Favorite Villian: Discord
Favorite Background Pony: Lyra Heartstrings Favorite Movie: My Little Pony: The Movie Favorite Episode: The Perfect Pear Favorite Pairings: LunaMac / SoarinJack

About Me

Well, I thought I might list a few of my interests. Maybe it will provide some topics of conversation.
1) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (duh)
2) Writing - fiction and nonfiction
3) Reading - military history, mystery
4) Hiking - I've hiked portions of the Appalachian Trail, PCT along with trails in national parks
5) Kayaking - love it, but haven't had much of an opportunity to do it
6) Traveling - been to 44 U.S. States. Lived in 11. A lot of famous places (NYC, Denver, Alaska, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, LA, etc) and some not so famous places (Castaway Crossroads, Arkansas Post, Guymon) and deployed to the Middle East.
7) NFL - my team is officially 6-4!

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Thanks for adding A Past Returned to your Read it Later.

Thanks for taking interest in my story! :twilightsmile:

Thank you very much for checking out "Elements: XIX". It's basically just a demo/intro chapter to the upcoming sequel to "Elements Change the Dark Hearts", but I hope you enjoy it.

E"What's Yours is Mine!" or "Why Work When You Can Steal?!"
Two crafty robbers from the big city of Manehatten learn about the "easy pickings" to be had in a sleepy little town called "Ponyville." Fortunately for them, it also has a top-notch hospital...
-TheStoryteller- · 5.2k words  ·  91  5 · 826 views

Thank you for adding this to your Library!

[Edit] SO many hilarious gifs to copy!

Thanks for putting my story on read it later. I hope you enjoy it.

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