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I write what I'd like to read. Though sometimes I write under insomnia, so that may explain some things.

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I'm Still Here · 3:59pm Saturday


I hope you all had great holidays, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, New Year's, or MLK Day.

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Here's where I currently stand:
1) The Labors of Applejack- Chapters 1& 2 published - Chapter 3 in development.
2) Untitled Drama - 26100 out of estimated 23000 words written I don't know anymore!
3) Sequel to The Secret Life of... Scootaloo - Brainstorming/outlining/pre-writing
4) Dreams of the Heart Chapter 14 - Rewriting
5) Friendship is Magic: The Movie Chapter 3 - published! Chapter 4 - working.

Pony Facts

Favorite Pony: Applejack :ajsmug: Favorite Princess: Luna Favorite CMC: Scootaloo :scootangel: Favorite Villian: Discord
Favorite Movie: My Little Pony: The Movie Favorite Episode: The Perfect Pear Favorite Pairings: LunaMac / SoarinJack

About Me

Well, I thought I might list a few of my interests. Maybe it will provide some topics of conversation.
1) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (duh)
2) Writing - fiction and nonfiction
3) Reading - military history, mystery
4) Hiking - I've hiked portions of the Appalachian Trail along with trails in national parks
5) Kayaking - love it, but haven't had much of an opportunity to do it
6) Traveling - been to 42 U.S. States. A lot of famous places (NYC, Denver, Atlanta, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, LA, etc) and some not so famous places (Castaway Crossroads, Arkansas Post, Guymon) and deployed to the Middle East.
7) NFL - Well, at least my team made the playoffs!

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I see you've found Familiarity. I believe I mentioned it to you at some point, come to think of it.

Thanks for adding my story to your library!

Thanks for adding Dark Sunset to your bookshelf. I hope you'll enjoy it. :twilightsmile:

EquestriaLA (2012-2017)
I enjoyed the Con this weekend. But alas, it is no more.

Hey, thanks for adding my story to your library! I'm glad it caught your attention :twilightsmile:

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