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I can see! (Without glasses!!! See my latest blogs for more information.) Now time to see all the upvotes on my stories! :-)

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Surgery Update · 3:59pm September 13th

Good Morning Everyone,

Thanks for all the encouragement regarding my surgery. I appreciate all the well-wishes and prayers on my behalf.

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Though I may not be posting much over the coming weeks/months, do not feel as though I've given up on my stories. I just had laser eye surgery, so my ability to sit in front of a computer and write is limited at this time. :pinkiesick:


Here's where I currently stand:
1) The Secret Life of... Scootaloo - Published!
2) Sequel to The Secret Life of... Scootaloo - Brainstorming/outlining/pre-writing
3) Dreams of the Heart Chapter 14 - Rewriting
4) Friendship is Magic: The Movie Chapter 3 - published! Chapter 4 - working.
5) Untitled Drama - 12800 out of estimated 20000 words written

Story Showcase

  • Three Gems and a Scooter For Rarity, what starts as a simple quest to help her sister turns into an unexpected journey of what family really means. by RaylanKrios 72,890 words · 9,373 views · 1,234 likes · 22 dislikes
  • The Irony of Applejack Applejack has never told a lie. Merely... omitted some details about herself... by Mister Friendly 175,745 words · 30,080 views · 3,007 likes · 71 dislikes
  • A Matter of Pride and Honor Rainbow Dash brags to the three idiots from flight school that she has a boyfriend in Macintosh, even though she doesn't. The only possible solution is to make it true. by bahatumay 23,622 words · 1,042 views · 96 likes · 6 dislikes

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Labors of Love

  • Dreams of the Heart An attack on Princess Luna leads to unexpected consequences for Equestria. by Dreadnought 34,811 words · 1,047 views · 45 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Not Again! Big Mac discovers he is once again at the center of strange events on Hearts and Hooves Day. by Dreadnought 5,815 words · 653 views · 27 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Big Mac Speaks His Mind Big Mac is going to let the family know what he really thinks. by Dreadnought 2,779 words · 1,907 views · 128 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The Secret Life of... Applejack Applejack has a dark secret she keeps from her friends and family. by Dreadnought 1,606 words · 689 views · 46 likes · 2 dislikes

Pony Facts

Favorite Pony: Applejack :ajsmug: Favorite Princess: Luna Favorite CMC: Scootaloo :scootangel: Favorite Villian: Discord
Favorite Movie: Rainbow Rocks Favorite Episode: The Perfect Pear Favorite Pairings: LunaMac / SoarinJack

About Me

Well, I thought I might list a few of my interests. Maybe it will provide some topics of conversation.
1) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (duh)
2) Writing - fiction and nonfiction
3) Reading - military history, mystery
4) Hiking - I've hiked portions of the Appalachian Trail along with trails in national parks
5) Kayaking - love it, but haven't had much of an opportunity to do it
6) Traveling - been to 42 U.S. States. A lot of famous places (NYC, Denver, Atlanta, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, LA, etc) and some not so famous places (Castaway Crossroads, Arkansas Post, Guymon) and deployed to the Middle East.
7) NFL - Let's see how the season goes! (Currently 1-1 :applejackunsure:, so here's hoping!)

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Yeah, I originally posted it when my team was 1-0. I forgot to change the comment when they lost. I'll do that presently.


NFL - My team is undefeated! (Currently 1-1 :applejackunsure:, so here's hoping!)

How are they undefeated and 1-1?

Thanks for the Prank Day stories. Esp Discord's treatment of Twilight. Classic.


No problem. Looks like you have some interesting stories. When I get the time, I'll have to read them.


Thanks for the watch :twilightsmile:

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