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Very divisible.

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My OC: Eerie Lantern!

My Special Blogs

I have special blogs that I do that are part of a larger series. Some are just for fun, others are informational. They're detailed below:

First Impression Reviews: A review series where I attempt to work through my "to-read" shelf by evaluating them on the strength of their first chapters (or first 3k words) alone. My criteria and other details can be found here. Reviews can be found under the #First Impression Reviews tag.

Overpriced Writing Advice for Free: A series of writing advice posts where I plumb my old college files to give you the tips and information I gained via my creative writing bachelor degree program. Can be found under the #Overpriced Writing Advice tag.

Music for Writing: A fun and lighthearted series where I post music that you could potentially listen to in the background as you write. Genres range from classical, to trip-hop, to contemporary, to experimental ambient. Can be found under the #Music for Writing tag.

Gemfire: My 2016 weird alt. universe fantasy adventure that makes use of Pathfinder lore (and sometimes mechanics). Stars Rarity and Sweetie Bell as bards on a quest. It was a fic idea that I was floating to see if I could A) finish it (which I still haven't) and B) generate any interest (which I suppose I did) Find these entries under the tag #r_gemfire.

My Recommended

Who am I?

I am a hot mess.

My favorite pone is the Marshmallow Queen, but I have soft spots for the Farm Girl, the Shy One, the Former Cult Leader, and the Shimmering Ex-Bully.

I'm a married mom, over 30. Just one kid so far.

I'm bisexual.

I'm an avid lover of various geeky things.

You can connect with me on Twitter. I tweet mostly pone, but also other nerd things. FYI, sometimes what I tweet is NSFW.

I wrote and recorded songs based on my fanfiction.

I have a humble Ko-Fi page.

I've written my own original LGBT fantasy horror series called Eikasia. You can read my rough drafts here, or purchase and read the first self-published ebook here.

I'm a sensitive navel gazer, and sometimes I ramble.

I struggle with anxiety and depression.

I like making new friends. If you wanna get to know me, just shoot me a message.

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You're welcome. :pinkiesmile:

Noncuple God bless. God loves you, now and forever.

Good answer.

And good work on your blogs, BTW.
~ Yr. Pal, B

Why not both? I love a good Columbian, but a good brewed green tea or raspberry tea is very yum.

Tea or coffee?

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