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What do you do when an old enemy comes knocking in the middle of the night?
Change your clothes, grab your shoes, and go on a crime spree.

Cover art by 89.

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Honestly, I hate the dog scene. I get they're defending themselves, but their doing that makes me extremely mad at them.

Other than that, it's a decent story. A good way to start giving Aria a chance at redemption. Doesn't mean she'll take it, but it's there.

10032720 I have to say I completely agree about that scene, it's very uncomfortable to read.

However, I think it's like the cavalryman who takes his horse to war - don't blame the enemy if it gets hit, you're the monster who took something you love into a warzone. So I think if the guard will insist on having a dog with him on his rounds, then the blame is squarely on his shoulders.

I like how Aria's mood was like cueball in the side pocket.

In all honesty, I feel like the discomfort at the dog scene is T-A's goal here. It's Sunset getting into notably deeper shit than usual because of Aria, and so she's going to end up doing worse things while she's following Aria's schemes. On the other hand, it's likely that Aria will soften up over time, so long as she wants to stay under Sunset's roof; the discomfort here is from Aria having to begrudgingly relinquish her own freedoms and will to antagonize for the sake of her health, and basically having a leash around her neck. If there were a sequel to this, I wouldn't put it past T-A to have Aria directly compare herself to the guard's dog in this story.

can i get a source for the image please? i've looked around as best I can and can't find it. derpi with tags can't give it to me, and "89" simply isn't enough to go off of to try and find an artist.

please and thank you!

My impression from the author's note was that it was drawn specifically for this story, so it might not have been posted anywhere else.


Being forced to attack dogs reinforces just how low Aria has sunk in her life. When the chips are down, a once mighty siren has been reduced to a vagrant and crook. Sunset offering her a place to crash is the only thing Aria has going for her.

I really hope there is a sequel to this.

Modern guard dogs are meant more to scare people away than to attack them. A soldier in the cavalry also was required to keep a horse somehow. I'm not sure the comparison is so apt, but I get its intent.

That aside; I feel the profanity tag was well-used in here.


It's Sunset getting into notably deeper shit than usual because of Aria, and so she's going to end up doing worse things while she's following Aria's schemes.

Basically this. Actions have consequences, and the dog is the consequence. And if you've got a big, angry dog bearing down on you fangs first, well you do what you can. If I had to put any deeper symbolism to it, I guess I could say that the dog (and guard) represent the authority that Sunset and Aria are rebelling against.

I understand that, yeah. Thanks for giving it a fair shot anyway, even if that part wasn't so comfortable.

Exactly. I don't advocate violence against dogs, but if one is chasing you down you have a right to defend yourself.

A very apt mood!

Unfortunately I can't. It was drawn by an anonymous user on the 4chan board when I was writing the original green of the story. I did get permission to use it as a cover, but they preferred to remain anonymous other than the 89.

That's a very good point! This dog was meant to come across as either poorly trained, or trained to be aggressive, so I don't think the girls were unjust in fighting it off. If it were well leashed or properly trained it wouldn't have gotten hurt.

Also a good point! If Aria were in a better place she wouldn't be sneaking into a rail yard for some cheap thrills.

Sunset's reaction was a little more worrying, I think, just because while she's been a bully to people the idea of her being so compliant in this situation doesn't fit well with her nature. Even as a bystander. I still liked the story, but that scene probably could have been handled differently with some more focus on Sunset's reaction than just the aftermath being thrilling.

Maybe. I see where you're coming from, but I don't think self defense really counts as animal abuse. Sure, if she had been a bystander she might have been more worried about the dog, but remember that the dog was definitely the aggressor in that encounter. I'd get mean too if it meant I avoided a mauling.

I'm glad you still like the story, even if that part is a bit uncomfortable. I guess at some level I'm kinda happy it put people on edge! It was meant to be a tense scene, and definitely not a shining moment for either party.

I've got zero problem with the scene, but calling the dog the aggressor in that situation seems a little bit misleading. The dog was doing its job in its designated area of influence. The two girls were trespassing in that area without legal permission or right. I think it's fairly safe to say that had they been on the side of the fence they were supposed to the dog wouldn't have been able to attack them.

True! It would have still tried though. And if it weren't properly secured (ie by the fence) it would have still gone after them.

But yeah, that's the core of it. They were in a place they shouldn't have been, thus dog.

I really, really loved this. Reminded me of those "wild night" movies from the 90s like Go.

I kind of felt bad for the dog too, but really... when you're dealing with an aggressive, untrained pooch, sometimes there's not much else you can do but resort to some brute force in a pinch. The conceit here is that, though Sunset and Aria were trespassing, they were creating real, soul-searching art. If someone wanted to, you could interpret the dog as being a symbol of society attempting to stifle or punish that expression. Or something.

I did sort of wish there had been more of an understanding as to why Sunset would be so agreeable to running around with Aria doing all of this. I know she was being "blackmailed", but that sort of stopped being a focus. At the end, I decided it was just her retreading things she might have done before she had been reformed, for old time's sake. Given all that they did, though, it would be easier to believe that she was undergoing some kind of present stress that made her more likely to do it.

But this was fun! I enjoyed this.

Now the real stupid question... did Aria say yes??

What would happen if I asked Aria any sort of question, bearing in mind, in my universe, that I'm friends with Aria.

And that is why few retail locations will let you use their bathroom.

hella late response, but damn. thats upsetting. i wanna know what type of clothes sunset is wearing. they look cool af, and idk what you'd even call them.

Thanks for the review!

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