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When Coco asked Rarity to help with costumes for a Hearth's Warming production, Rarity was more than happy to oblige. But with tales of a haunting and strange noises in the halls, is anything really going to be that simple?

This was written for The Iguana Man as a part of Jinglemas 20XX! For more information about Jinglemas, checkout our group!
Cover art by AilaTF
Special thanks to NaiadSagaIotaOar for prereading.

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What do you do when an old enemy comes knocking in the middle of the night?
Change your clothes, grab your shoes, and go on a crime spree.

Cover art by 89.

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There are two types of people who sneak in through windows. Assassins, and illicit lovers. Queen Chrysalis is visited by someone who is both. But which role does she plan to fill tonight?

Art credit:
Chrysalis by Ric-M on DeviantArt
Aria by jankrys00 on Derpibooru

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Demon Shimmer and Nightmare Moon find each other inside the Element of Magic.

A story for ManlyMan.

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Chrysalis takes cover in a cave after another disastrous run-in with the ponies. Inside is another unfortunate soul who just can't catch a break.

Stupid ponies.

A gift for forbloodysummer. Merry Christmas!

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Sure, Rarity could go to the boutique for her shift, but Adagio has other ideas.

A short, fluffy Christmas oneshot for Naiad.

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Sunset the unicorn and Adagio the sheep are Sweetie's most beloved stuffed animals. They are also each other's favorite cuddle buddies. When an unfortunate napping incident lands the two of them in the basement, they embark on an epic quest to return to the bedroom where they belong.

Written for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest.
Prereading and editing by NaiadSagaIotaOar.
Cover image by forbloodysummer.
Sunset plush by Epicrainbowcrafts.
Adagio plush by Little-Broy-Peep.

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Once, Midnight Sparkle was the demon that haunted Twilight's nightmares. But as new doubts and insecurities drive her away from her lover, Twilight finds comfort in the demon's familiar face. After all, what better escape could there be, but to be someone else?

Written for the Two-Faced Charade Contest hosted by FamousLastWords.
Pre-read by NaiadSagaIotaOar.

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This story is a sequel to Sisterhood

The sirens' apartment is nothing special, but it is home. Ever since their failure at the Battle of the Bands it has been a safe haven for the powerless trio. No one knew where to find them. No one was even looking.

And then Sunset Shimmer moved in across the hall.

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With Adagio home sick, Aria and Sonata find themselves competing for a cash prize at the Sisterhood Social. They might have had a chance too, if they had known the event was hosted by one of the girls who ruined their lives.

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