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This story is a sequel to Sisterhood

The sirens' apartment is nothing special, but it is home. Ever since their failure at the Battle of the Bands it has been a safe haven for the powerless trio. No one knew where to find them. No one was even looking.

And then Sunset Shimmer moved in across the hall.

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Aria and Sonata attend the Sisterhood Social. They have an unexpected run-in with their old rivals.

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Principal Celestia is haunted by an inner demon. Her solution is in the locked drawer of her desk.

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In the final battle between Link and Ganondorf, powerful energies were unleashed that dragged Epona into another world, along with the master sword, the Triforce, and Ganon's own stallion, Nightshade.

Now she must make sense of this new world she has found herself in, as well as put a stop to a familiar threat that endangers everything around her.

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