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This story is a sequel to Sisterhood

The sirens' apartment is nothing special, but it is home. Ever since their failure at the Battle of the Bands it has been a safe haven for the powerless trio. No one knew where to find them. No one was even looking.

And then Sunset Shimmer moved in across the hall.

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“Did you remember your wallet this time?” Adagio asked.

I know she doesn't really do much to support it in the movie (unless just trying to keep them under control counts), but I do love hints of MamaDagio. :rainbowkiss:

Sunset crossed her arms, jutting her chin out in bravado. “Come on, Adagio. Isn’t the whole cornering-someone-in-a-dark-hallway shtick old by now?”

Pot, Kettle, etc.

Despite their aggressive approach, they had not seemed so much dangerous as… scared.

Living helplessly in fear will kind of do that. :applejackunsure:

Aren't the Sirens overreacting? The Rainbows even let them the money to pay for Adagio's medicine, so why do the Trio still fear Sunset and co. are out there to get them?

So.. If I got this right: Sonata sleeps in a loft above the door, and the other two share a room, with Adagio in a bed and Aria in a hammock?

Characters lack personality. Granted, not much there to work with, but you gotta come up with something for a story like this or it'll just be boring.
Prose is full of the kind of bad habits you develop to fill space for school writing homework. Too many adverbs and homonyms in the dialogue, too many paragraphs that could have been sentences.
Tirek doesn't make sense as a swear. It wouldn't make sense even for a character who was around for the worst of Tirek's crimes, which Adagio wasn't.

8127260 Enjoy the ride!

8127383 I agree, momdagio is always fun!

Pot, Kettle, etc.

Yeah pretty much :rainbowlaugh:

8127386 They are being a bit paranoid, sure. But they weren't really expecting the people who stole their magic to just appear on their doorstep either.

8127405 The apartment is a little bit bigger than that, but that's the gist. The living room and kitchen are one room, and Sonata's loft is over the living room (so on the far side from the front door, but still in full view). There is a small hall off the living room which has two small bedrooms and a bathroom.

8127489 Eh, win some lose some.

Thanks for all the comments guys!

You know Sci-twi has never met the Dazzlings before.

8127932 Sci-Twi isn't in this story yet. She did meet them briefly in the story before this though.

Neat sequel! Looking forward to more.

She was not particularly upset by anything, it was just her face. And anyone who had an issue with that could deal with her fist.

Like it!

She scratched her bare stomach absently, cursing the sun and all who dared bask in its light.

As above, like it! I really noticed the change of perspective between the three of them, and the difference that made to the feel of their sections; thought that was really well done.

Then she glanced down to her hands, only just remembering what she had brought. Adagio followed her gaze, her attention falling on the bouquet of red roses clasped in the girl’s demure white hands. “Oh, um, these are for you.”

Adagio smirked, raising an eyebrow. “Rarity, are you coming on to me?”

In that moment, Rarity, frozen to the spot, immediately reevaluated her doorstep plan and indeed her life as a whole, and realised her conscious mind had previously reached quite a few of the wrong conclusions. Now that she knew better:

"Yes," she said. "Yes I am. Are you doing anything later?"

Her distinct-looking had was in her hands

I'm afraid I think this should be hat.

But if we don’t do something, they are just going to keep coming around.

“That’s great!” Sunset’s grin widened. “I knew you’d come around.”
“Your friends can be… persuasive,” Adagio said. Aria scoffed.
“We brought you a cactus!” Sonata cried, cutting the tension. She held up the gift.

This to me felt a bit like giving up or being defeated, like there was nothing they could do to prevent friendship via death of a thousand cuts. And then Sonata gave them a cactus, and I both laughed aloud and appreciated the metaphor :pinkiehappy:

Sonata got to present the gift because Adagio was too embarrassed to do it herself, and neither of them trusted Aria have it for fear she would attempt to shove it into the first orifice she could get to.

Adagio had bigger things to worry about, like rent and her job. It saddened Sonata, sometimes, how tired her eldest sister looked after work.

This is a nice touch, I think. Adagio usually ends up doing all the work, but rarely do the others actually seem to care.

“For hitting you. I know I apologized at the Social, but… well, I really didn’t mean it. Like, at all. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I think, yeah, I was definitely in the wrong. Like, you were kind of being a bitch, but I shouldn’t have just up and hit you like that.”

I'm making myself sad by thinking about how some other things are rare when they kind of shouldn't be. :applejackunsure:

Then she glanced down to her hands, only just remembering what she had brought. Adagio followed her gaze, her attention falling on the bouquet of red roses clasped in the girl’s demure white hands. “Oh, um, these are for you.”
Adagio smirked, raising an eyebrow. “Rarity, are you coming on to me?”
“W-what!? No!” Rarity raised her hands, her blush returning.

Pinkie squealed, pulling Aria into a tight hug.

Then again, some things are just a pleasant surprise. :pinkiehappy:

“We brought you a cactus!”

Rarity brought roses. They responded with a cactus. Tread carefully, Rainbooms, these girls might not be all there at this point. :twilightoops:

8143397 A cactus isn't a completely terrible choice for a housewarming gift: providing the house/flat has reasonable sunlight, they'll live a hundred times longer than a cut rose, and require very little maintenance.

They also present a prickly exterior and come with a chance of horrible, stabbing pain if not regarded carefully. When I think of houseplants (not just courtesy bouquets, if that was indeed Rarity's reason), I'm not sure there's a worse choice (readily available on a common market, at least) that you could give someone. But maybe that's just me. :derpyderp2:

8143417 They're definitely not the best choice of plant for poking :twilightoops: I've always rather liked them though, they're the only kind of plant I don't forget to water.

Of course, Adagio's interaction with Rarity was my favorite part, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a ton of laughs out of the other parts too. Especially Aria's reactions to Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Sonata and Fluttershy was just too cute! Love this so much.

8143310 You gave me more Adarity. You are the best.

Nice Job with the Chapter! My favorite parts were the talk between Sonata and Fluttershy and Rarity and Adagio. I hope to see a new chapter as soon as possible, because I really like it a lot.

Coming along nicely, you write multiple characters quite well.

The bit about the train reminded me of this, although the apartment is somewhat larger. :raritywink:

8143310 Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. God call on the had/hat thing, I'll get that fixed.
Rarity, hopeless romantic, but alas, inexperienced in practical applications.
Yup, nothing is as abrasive as friendship!
I wish I could say the cactus thing was a great stroke of genius on my part, but it was more of a happy accident :twilightblush:

8143356 Thank you!

8143396 Basically :rainbowlaugh:

8143397 Thanks! I wanted to give them a bit of a balance like that. In earlier drafts the sirens were a lot more antagonistic to each other, but it just wasn't fun to read, or write. I like the supportive if somewhat dysfunctional family better.

I'm making myself sad by thinking about how some other things are rare when they kind of shouldn't be. :applejackunsure:

You mean Rainbow Dash actually giving a sincere apology?
Tried to keep things lighthearted like that :rainbowlaugh:

8143411 8143417 Little column A, Little column B :scootangel: Maybe it was a poor choice, maybe it was careful and elaborate planning. Or maybe it was the first thing they saw wen they ran to the store ten minutes before the party. I'm not sure myself :rainbowlaugh:

8143423 Thanks, glad you're liking it! Adagio and Rarity just kind of happened, I didn't mean to! But I will probably keep rolling with it anyway. Keep an eye out for more with Sonata and Fluttershy, in the near-ish future.

8143446 Thanks! Going to try for fairly regular updates every Friday.

8143482 Thank you!

Thanks everyone for reading, and for the great comments! It's way more fun to write when I know people are getting into it :pinkiehappy:

8143858 Thanks! It's fun to get to switch perspectives a bit.
Yeah, it's reasonably large. The discounted price comes from its questionable legal status :scootangel:


In earlier drafts the sirens were a lot more antagonistic to each other, but it just wasn't fun to read, or write.

I can imagine, as I've seen a few stories in which they do pretty much nothing but spew venom at each other, and none of them were remotely pleasant to read. That they all stopped updating ages ago (at least I think so, haven't seen any since) tells me that the authors themselves may have thought so too. (I did once see a writer expressly state that they quit writing a story because they were tired of how bleak and miserable it had gotten.)
Meanwhile, the screwball family dynamic has plenty of room for cheerful, uplifting little moments, even if they're dealing with a lot of stress and worry. :pinkiesmile:

You mean Rainbow Dash actually giving a sincere apology?

Specifically, yes, Rainbow having moments of human decency is always nice to see, because she tends to get thrown under the bus as often as Aria and/or Adagio in terms of fan portrayal. Worse yet is that it kinda happens in canon, too. :twilightoops:

8143911 Yeah, there's only so much you can do with that. I've seen a few push the envelope pretty well, but the best ones in terms of bot enjoyment and update schedule tend to be the ones where there is at least some tenderness, or a change of heart somewhere along the line.
Rainbow really does get a bit of a bum rap in EG.

8143397 But I like cactuses. And so long as it's out of the way, it should be fine.

8152180 Considering how irritating the English language is, I honestly can't tell the difference. Especially when people still struggle over the past tense of glow and the plural of platypus.

8152566 How about the plural for moose?

8152591 The plural of moose is meese, obviously :scootangel:

Shoot, I thought it was meeses! :rainbowlaugh:
But no, I'll remember the cactus plural. Thanks. :pinkiesmile:

Good job. I do not know why, but after reading this chapter, the smell of an AdagioxRarity is getting stronger. I look forward to coming on Friday to know how this story continues. Congratulations to the chapter!

Aria had gotten cornered by Rarity, and was working hard to maintain an annoyed expression while the latter braided her pigtails. Even then, to Adagio’s trained eye it was clear her fellow siren was struggling to conceal a smile.

It's so cute that even if she might never say it, Aria likes to look pretty. :rainbowkiss:

And, wow, that part at the end... :pinkiegasp:

Interesting, and surprising. I doubt I could trust anyone as much as Sunset was, even if they were not formerly an enemy of mine. As it is, I doubt they would do anything actively malicious, but I could easily see Aria and Sonata setting up a prank or two.

“We brought you a cactus!”

I love this

8159035 I second this. I never knew I wanted Adagity until I read this story.

8159035 8159273 I don't even know where I got the idea. It just sort of happened, and I liked it so I decided to roll with it :raritystarry:

8159039 Aria doesn't get the attention the other two get. Doesn't mean she doesn't want it though.

8159079 It's a bit of a gamble on her part, like the mane 5 befriending her after the first movie. So far I think it's working out.

Oh, good, I thought Adagio was gonna rob Sunset's fridge or something.

Huh, a little surprised Adagio and the others were so willing to agree to this, but it's not completely crazy I suppose. Adagio giving up the jewels or whats left was interesting, though given they showed magic apparently leaking out of the statue near the end of Everfree I wonder if magic will return to them.

Also curious if the AdagioxRarity thing is just a joke or will go somewhere.

8159291 Thank you!

8159338 That would have been pretty funny though :rainbowlaugh:

8159348 It's only Adagio's gem, the other two don't know. Yet, at least. Glad you're enjoying the shipping!

Can't they grow new gems? The broken ones didn't apear out of blue sky. Probably when they were little they didn't have them and they slowly grew from their skin.

8159450 Thank you!

8160519 I'll probably be exploring that kind of thing more as the story progresses, but the short answer is no. Losing their gems would be like losing a tooth, or a kidney or something. They can live without it, but it won't just grow back.

So, the Sirens suffered from magical addiction. This is an angle, the show should definitely use, good chapter man.

and Rainbow Dash can fly like a pegasus.

Speed. Rainbow got super speed, not flight, at least when not ponied up.

My magic was stolen. I was never meant to use the element’s magic and I was punished for it. When Twilight’s spell hit me, it cleansed me of that. It felt natural, inviting, like a warm bath. Like coming home.

That does explain why, when she first transformed, Sunset was crying.

That was kind of hard to read in a good way. The pain and fear of it all when Sunset was experience the finale from Adagio's point of view. It's very well written. And while I don't like the idea of the power hurting, it makes too much sense in the context of the story -- and by extension the movie scene -- to really argue.

Well done.

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