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I am Faceless, hiding the truth, namely that I like this show due to fear of judgement from others, but I want to atleast share my ideas and hopefully make some friends as well.

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Say Hello to my Page's Theme Song. Feel free to play this as you view my page. It is truly awesome.

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Fan Without a Face: Editing Service

Hey there, I’m the Fan Without a Face! I’m a freelance editor, who is eager to help any writer on the site with their editing in any way that I can!

I have a fair amount of experience editing, as I’ve been editing for several years and have even worked as a writing tutor in the past. I’ve similarly done editing for several people on this site, as well as on Deviantart. I’ve even edited a few chapters in a book that is in the process of being published and the author is crediting me as an editor.

I’m very efficient time wise, and depending on the length, I can usually get your story edited pretty quickly if needed. Generally, I prefer to use googledocx, with the suggestion tool on, so you can see my edits and reject them if you disagree with them.

It’s worth mentioning that I do charge for my edits but my prices are reasonably fair and if needed I’m willing to bargain for a different price. I enjoy editing, but I also need to be able to support myself, hence the reason I’m charging. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone.

Prices: The prices I charge mainly vary depending on length as I normally charge by length rather than by the hour.

$3 per 1000 words for one shots

$5 per 1000 words for Clop fics

$12 per hour any story over 100,000 words (Though here I’m willing to bargain with regards to the price, if we need to work something else out, I will accommodate).

I look forward to working with you and your stories in the future!

Customer List: Short list of people and the stories I edited for them.

Zephyr Spark: Scaled Heights

Foal Star: The Big and Cuddy Ursa Minor

Dash Attack: The Arrival of The Blue Exorcist

Comrade Bagel Muffin: Life is Fun When You're Crazy

Unclever Hans: Stories not on profile at this time

Scout Charger: Spring Fever

LtMajorDude: Forged Into Hell

Arkolo: Chrysalis Wins

Xenopony: Secret of The Royal Bloodline

ppg1998: You Can't Ignore Who You Are

mr_minati: Break from the Castle

Lotus Moon: My Adventures in Equestria

Spirit Shift: Dinky's Mother's Day Adventure

Spirit Shift: Lulamoon Dreams

Should note, I'm still a little new to freelance editing, so if you have comments please keep them constructive. That's all I ask for.

My Voice Reel and Self Promotion

Hey trying to get into Voice Acting and made a reel of some of the voices I can do. If anyone is interested in letting me have a crack at voicing a character or know a project I can try for let me know. Here's a link to my youtube page for continued updates on my videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Bqll0eJnZ75cZb9BBKorg

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Editing Ad: PLEASE READ · 2:15am June 16th

Okay look, I'm gonna be frank, I've been trying to edit professionally for a bit and have managed to get a few clients who have been relatively satisfied with my editing skill.

Here's a few of them:

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You're Bob from down the street right. Sorry, read your bio and couldn't resist a little joking.


Well I'm more a Soda guy honestly.

I'm curious to know.


Just curious what the comment was for.

Fair enough.

Tea or coffee?

Well, it won't be this month, since it will be a new month by the time of next week. But it might not be next month either. I'm thinking of taking next month off from reviewing to get some of my writing done.


So when do you think the review of my story will be out, if I may ask.


Thanks, here's hoping it goes well.

Yeah I saw a few of the other group ads, and you actually got a client? Nice. I'm glad you could. ^^


Well I managed to get one possible editing client and posted my ad in a few more groups

Very busy. Today is the last day I am doing any work this week. And I need to finish up this weeks reviews, since I am already late... though technically it just has to be sometime this week.

Alright. If I don't get to it before it is finished I'll just go for a review reading, naturally with the review.

Cool. How close is the story to being finished?


Okay, gonna try to go back to writing the next chapter of Heart encased in Stone tomorrow.

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