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Sunset the unicorn and Adagio the sheep are Sweetie's most beloved stuffed animals. They are also each other's favorite cuddle buddies. When an unfortunate napping incident lands the two of them in the basement, they embark on an epic quest to return to the bedroom where they belong.

Written for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest.
Prereading and editing by NaiadSagaIotaOar.
Cover image by forbloodysummer.
Sunset plush by Epicrainbowcrafts.
Adagio plush by Little-Broy-Peep.

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Well, a Toy Story au? That's definitely charmingly insane.

So, Sunset is stuffed unicorn, and Adagio is a sheep? The second seems like an odd choice to me. Aside from that it is a cute bit of of...



Psssst.... Don't tell anyone, but I rather liked this :trollestia:

This was a sweet and inventive way to address a tired ship :twilightsmile: I do hope Opal comes out of it ok, though!

Oh stuff and fluff.

This was an adorable depiction of a ball of fluff, the cuddly plush sheep inside and her unicorn sidekick :heart: I liked the changes you made since I first read it, Adagio feels noticeably more Dagi-ish now.

There are, however, quite a few moments where Sunset is keen on doing things apart from cuddling up with Adagio’s fluffy coat, which is horrifically out of character for her :trollestia:




Awww. This was adorably...fluffy.

That was cute as heck.

Adagio and Sunset as two schuper-gay-for-each-other stuffed toys? Yes please!

The characters do lend themselves to a certain level of charming insanity!

Thank you! I've been waiting for an excuse to write Adagio as a sheep. Just look at her hair it's so fluffy!

:pinkiegasp: High praise, coming from you!

I do hope Opal comes out of it ok, though

Always rooting for the villain :rainbowlaugh:

:flutterrage: Language!

Thanks! You really helped me figure out that particular flaw. Prideful Adagio is much better than hysterical Adagio!

:pinkiesmile: Da flooof! Thanks for reading.

Thank you!

Hasbro really needs to get on it and make this happen.

Reminded me of The Christmas Toy. Been ages since I watched that movie.

I thought I’d be hard pressed to find a more adorable Adagio fic than Sucker for a Cute Face, but I never expected Plushiedagio! And it’s just my luck that this brilliant idea was executed in such a well written and enjoyable manner. I truly think we might have the contest winner right here :yay: I’ll certainly be surprised if this doesn’t win anything.

This was adorable

She scowled. No. She was Adagio fluffing Dazzle! She wasn’t about to let some mangy brute steal away her Sunset! Stomping her resolve, she turned back down the hallway. Back toward the living room.

This killed me pffft fluffing.

Well I gotta say, this is quite good. Been awhile since I've seen a "Character is a toy" fanfic

I must admit I was very confused at first. I have never seen a 'character is a toy' fic before, and now that I have I must question why these are not made more often.

This is so fluffing adorable.

Points to for creativity, and being loveably, charmingly silly. Adorable little piece.

Definitely in my personal top five of the contest.
Good fluffing show!


This is a cute little story :twilightsmile:

I'm shocked by how much more of this I need.

We need the adventures of wool headed Sonata and velveteen Aria!

Would it be wierd to say that I have the exact plushies and looked at them all while reading this?

I think they moved...

“I am to be hand washed only!


“Go minion!” Adagio ordered as Sunset shakily pushed her up the last step. “Mush, mush!”


The D'awws are strong with this one.

I wonder what Sunset and Adagio think of Miss Smartypants?


I'm not familiar with that one, though I think Toy Story had a lot of influence here. And just a tiny bit of Watership Down believe it or not.

Thank you! There's a lot of entries already, so I don't know if I'll win anything, but being compared to a story like Sucker For a Cute Face is a huge compliment!

Thank you :pinkiesmile:

So much!

Coming up with plushie doll swears was one of the best parts of writing this.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

It's funny, for a franchise based on a toy line. But I guess there's only so much you can do without ripping off Toy Story haha.

Thank you!

Thank you! It was a lot of fun to write.

Wow, that's awesome! Thanks!

Thanks, it was fun!

Can never have too much fluff!

Oh my gosh, Aria as a cute little wabbit would be so adorable! :rainbowkiss:

Uh oh! Better call for an exorcist! Or not, maybe they're friendly :twilightsmile:

They uh... really like her mane? :unsuresweetie:

The Christmas Toy is a holiday movie about a little girls favorite toy going on an adventure to try to place himself inside the girls Christmas present so he won’t be supplanted. The three main cast members are him, her previous favorite, and a small cat toy named Mew that everyone dislikes because of the smell of catnip. The part I always found interesting was that there was a rule (so to speak) that all toys had to return to where they were left or they would cease moving/waking up when left alone.

This was adorably clever.

Sonata's got to be a sock monkey! :yay:

“Go!” Sunset demanded, smacking at Opal’s nose with her hoof.

I know you didn't intend for their hooves to squeak, but it gave me giggles and warm feels to think that her hoof squeaked everytime she hit Opal.

Very nice story. And so cute! It made me feel better after a rough week.

That sounds really cute! Though also kind of bittersweet.

Thank you!

Oh, I like the way you think haha. Imagine how much that would annoy the others too.

That's adorable! I imagine a tiny little "baff baff!" sound myself.
I hope your next week is better :twilightsmile:

It really is. It was my favorite Christmas film when I was a kid. Still holds up reasonably well as it was produced by Jim Henson.

You're welcome! Do you think we'll be seeing any sequels to this? Maybe have the toy versions of Sunset and Adagio have a dream or vision of their canon selves somehow?

“Hmph!” Adagio huffed indignantly. “I’ll have you know a little extra padding in the flank is exactly what makes me such a high-quality cuddle toy.”

“Ha!” Sunset laughed, “I thought you’d at least make an excuse about your wool or something.”

Adagio shot the unicorn a glare. “I don’t have to help you up that last step you know.” She smirked, giving her rump a shake. “Besides, we both know why you love me.”

I think this was the part that sold me. They might be a pair of plushies in an alternate universe but they are so in luuuuuv. Those lines sounded so very Adagio :)

Thank you for such a fun and fluffy story

Wonderful stuff. I especially love the plushie-themed cursing and the fact that the sewing room constitutes a religious experience for the duo. After all, Rarity is their creator.

Thank you for an entry unlike any other. Best of luck in the judging.

Probably not, I really didn't have much to the idea besides a quick one shot. I did like the idea of making Aria a stuffed rabbit though.

Thank you! Those lines almost weren't in the story :pinkiegasp: But Naiad very helpfully pointed out where a lot of my Adagio writing was kind of weak, and that was one of my additions to the second draft. I'm super happy it paid off!

Thank you! I had a lot of fun with those parts in particular :twilightsmile: I'm hoping to get to your entry very soon too! Originally I was putting off reading anyone else's entries until after the deadline, but with the extension I may as well start reading them now haha.

Ok, got it. Would you be ok with other writers using these versions of Sunset and Adagio as long as they credit you?

Sure, i'd love to see that.

Got it, cool.

I'm finding it difficult to do like everyone else has done, to point out how warm and fluffy this story is. Because it is. There's nothing to dislike about something this cute.

Good Lord, this story was a sweet and (dare I say it?) fluffy piece. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks! And you may call it fluffy haha.

This fic made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.:heart:

This was just too dang cute :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

This is so great! :D How did you even come up with this?


It's hard to say. Naiad and I have had a joke headcanon for a while that if Adagio were to go back to Equestria she would be a sheep instead of a pony (on account of the curls) and I'd been kind of looking for an excuse to do a story with that. Beside that, I guess I was just looking for some way to put an interesting spin on the prompt, and it occurred to me that for a franchise about tiny horse toys, there aren't a lot of stories about them being tiny horse toys :twilightblush:

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