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Sunset is caught when attempting to steal Twilight's crown. They show her friendship and she learns the error of her ways. Upon returning to the human world Sunset is determined to make real friends. She attends a party hosted by The Dazzlings, unaware they are the legendary Vampire banished by Starswirl the Bearded. Human world AU. FIM mostly Canon. AdagioXSunset. Vampire Dazzlings.

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Well I like where this is going so far. I will say that the drama tag worries me a little. There's nothing wrong with drama in small doses but when I end up skipping over like 10 or 20 thousand words because it's like a bad soap opera then there's a problem lol. Not tryin to be a downer or influence the story in anyway. It's just a pet peeve of mine. Quick question though, why are the words with an F in them having the first 2 letters replaced by a strange symbol? It makes it hard to know what i'm looking at at first and it disrupts the flow of my reading a little bit. Anyways, I've rambled long enough. Keep up the good work my dear Author, and have a nice Christmas week.

Nice to see that Adagio is not playing any games with Sunny. Also love how supportive and happy the others are for her :twilightsmile:

Huh, weird, I don't see any formatting issues.

A nice look at things from Dagi's point of view. Gives us a little insight into what vampires are like in your AU, and better fleshes out the personal interactions.

I'm definitely interested in where this will end up going.

Also, author, you did the cloth/clothes thing again, when they put the next day's clothes in the bathroom for Sunset.

This was a nice chapter! It’s nice to see that Adagio cares for Sunset and is willing to give the dating game a chance and she’s planning on doing it the non-hypnosis way so she can let Sunset be herself.

Wow, I didn't know Adagio put Sunset under her spell, let alone how effort Aria & Sonata did to make sure Sunset would feel welcomed, once she woke up. Color me impressed

I don't plan to make this into a soap opera or anything like that. I added the drama tag because of Sunset's unwillingness in the first 2 chapters. The suspense of not knowing what Adagio really wants with Sunset. I wasn't 100% on if it was necessary so if enough people tell me otherwise ill remove it.
As for your question I don't see that on me end. I just double checked the chapters and I don't see it in any of them. I'm not sure why that would be happening but I certainly want to try and find a way to fix it for you if I knew any idea how.
You have a nice Christmas week as well!

Oops, thanks for the heads up on that. I was trying to be really careful this time but I guess one slipped by me. I fixed it.
Also thank you for the kind words! I wish I knew a way to fix the problem for MLP Forever, not sure why it would be doing that.

I really liked this chapter, it gave us an insight on what Adagio was feeling. Keep it up!

"Sonata, Aria, I need you to do a few things for me" She spoke softly, squeezing Sunset's hand. Something both sisters noticed, the smile on Sonata's face grew larger. A small smirk coming to Aria's. "This is Sunset Shimmer. She's very special to me and she is not to be harmed. Sonata, I want you to go make the guest room for her. Aria, would you go out and buy her some clothes? Specifically sleepwear and something for tomorrow, including some options for a lunch date."

Adagio, are you planning to (put on sunglasses) HAVE HER FOR DINNER?!

Sorry had to make that joke.

Anyways good chapter. I'd really like to see where this relationship goes.

Well it turns out something about using Open Sans font type was causing it. I've never seen it replace letters with odd symbols till now though and I go through 100k words stories like they're candy. Must have been caused by a recent site maintenance or something.

over all i am enjoying this story but yea your first chapter was really really not good so glad i stuck with it thoe keep up the good work and update soon

The prologue was supposed to be short, more of a synopsis of events that explain this AU and not an official chapter. The information was still important so I wrote that up for readers to better understand the overall plot. The meat of the story is Adagio and Sunset, so I didn't want to focus on the prologue events too much.
I am also glad to hear your enjoying the story!

When can we expect more amigo?

I've been busy with work recently but I plan to sit down and write again soon.

This is bizarre.... And that in and of itself is an impressive feat... You sir or madame have my interest in this story

Omg I'm so excited to read the next chapter ❤❤❤

I love this story! :heart:
I beg you to continue it! :pinkiesad2:
thanks for writing it, I love the personalities of the dazzlings, I hope that sunset also has its surprises :raritywink:

Thank you for the positive feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the story and characters so far! I tried hard to keep the Dazzlings closely in character while also fitting the story I wanted to write. It's nice to know people like what I have done.

As for the story it is not abandoned. I work at a pharmacy and thanks to the Pandemic its eaten up a lot of my energy. Thus I haven't updated in a while. I do plan to write again when I have the energy for it.

completely understandable. ^^
I hope you are okay too, for all these difficult times. :/
Thanks for responding. With this quarantine, I like to reread my favorite stories, and yes, hope soon :)

.... If i had the zoidberg "you suck" meme template saved to my phone (mobile is my preferred platform of using fimfiction when possible.... Some things just don't feel as nice as on a computer though) i would put it here

Comment posted by Sinnerlust deleted Jul 4th, 2020

funny, just yesterday I looked trough my trackings and stumbled upon this and read the other chapters again, and today there's a new one :rainbowlaugh:
Guess I need to see if that works with other fics as well :rainbowkiss:

very nice little chapter, really like how chill Dagi is here nad really trys to make sunny feel good :twilightsmile:

Who else forgot this story existed? Anyways, this was a good start to their first date, hopefully they have more fun times together.

Sorry for don't coment yesterday, I was busy ^^;
I love this chapter, is so cute and incredible :heart: :heart: :heart:
I'm sorry you be in a bad moments for all of this situation, I hope you take care good.
Thanks for put more of your story :pinkiehappy:

омг, это было очень здорово и супер-мило !! рада, что фф продолжен<3

Sugar-free candy, the bane of halloween... :pinkiegasp:

Nice chapter, everything's looking fine between the two of them :twilightsmile:

I love montage type anthology chapters.
Gives a real sense of time actually passing in a story.

Not much to say, other than this was a cute little montage into SunDagio's blossoming romance.

Giving out sugar free candy is a crime

nice work on the chapters out so far.

Thank you so much for continue this amazing story! :pinkiehappy:
I hope you continue :twilightsmile: thank again for back! :raritystarry:

Hmm I like

nice work look forward to next chapter:twilightsmile:

So Sunny and Dagi decided to tie the knot? Heh, cute.

I forgot that this story was still existing

I miss this so much! I WAIT IT SO IMPATIENT! XD :heart:

I am currently working on a much more detailed prologue, going into more detail when she attempts to steal Twilight's crown. I will see if I can add anything to the other chapters too, but as of right now my focus is on the prologue. Just so you know what's holding up the next chapter.

I will give you a chance.

Ohhhh, some new information about how it deterred from canon. You got my interest :pinkiehappy:

...the quiet torchlit halls of the Crystal Empire...

...slipping into a room she remembered from her time as Celestia's student.

I don't think the Empire was around during Sunsets time as student of Celestia :twilightsmile:

Good point, I didn't think of that. I'll see if I can fix that small error.

nice work on the 1st chapter are you reediting the others?

Thank you. Just where it's needed, I will be reading them over and adding polish where I can

nice work on all the chapters out so far

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