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The 24th Pegasus

Author of the Commander Hurricane series (A Song of Storms), co-founder of the Price of Loyalty universe, and overall world building fanatic. Join my discord!


Probably Rarity When She Sees the Bottom of My Page

Hey, Look! Story News!

I'll try to update this thing daily so you can see where I'm at with your favorite stories.

Stories in Progress:

A Rainbow of a Different Color: Chapter 25: Posted
Story posted on Equestria Daily

Census: Chapter 6 Posted

Unshaken: Actively Updating
This CYOA story will continue until the main character's fate is resolved.


Of Skies Long Forgotten: Complete
Story posted on Equestria Daily

Snow and Shadows: Complete
Story Posted on Equestria Daily

Sunny with a Chance of Shipping
Part of the Lovefest Fic Event for EqD, 2/14/15
Dafuq was I even on when I wrote this

The Mare of the Equestrian Eighth: Complete
Winner of 'The Rarity' award in EFNW's Scribblefest 2016

Daring Doodle Donkey: Complete
Story posted on Equestria Daily

Why?: Complete
Story posted on Equestria Daily

Sierra: Complete
Submitted for EFNW's Scribblefest 2017

Dashes to Dashes, Dust to Dust: Complete
Honorable Mention in Jake the Army Guy's Horsewords Extravaganza

Numbers: Complete
Story posted on Equestria Daily

The Music of the Reef: Complete
Second place winner in Jake The Army Guy's Horsewords Extravaganza 2!

24's 2021 Goals:
[ ] Pass 1100 followers
[1/6] Publish 6 stories
[ ] Finish Unshaken
[ ] Finish the rough draft of TTM3
[ ] Participate in at least 2 writing contests


New Story: Night Moves · 10:10pm April 5th

It's another one of them stories where I hear a song on the radio and then just have to write a story to capture that feel. This time, it's Bob Seger's "Night Moves", hence the title.

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are we going to see those moonshiners from unshaken again

you'll find I can get very wierd

That sounds like a very specific niche kind of fic. I'm sure you'll find somebody interested in writing it, but I'll have to say no to that concept.

Would you ever try and write a story about Reel big fish being teleported into one of your stories

At the moment I don't plan to. Unshaken is sort of an experiment I wanted to run to satisfy my own curiosity. I may do more one day, but I'm not sure about it right now.

  • Viewing 166 - 170 of 170
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