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Rainbow Dash Flies East

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Finished Utaan. Finally. Hello Dark Side.

Anyone know if theirs more to come?

The time has come for there to be an audiobook for one of the most ambitious MLP fanfics
Here is the playlist on youtube

Oooh! I'm still steamrolling through Utaan.

Thanks! I'm in Ofolrodi right now

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Weeelcome! We're pleased to have you! :pinkiehappy: Which book are you on now, or are you caught up?

I'm so happy to find Eastern Saga readers! ♥ This books have changed my life.
If you wanna chat sometime Pm me :D Se habla español

I guess after lurking on this story ever since 2014, now's probably as good a time as ever to get somewhat involved. Hello fellow jurors.

Buenos dias neighboritos, it's pleasant to find another who trudges along this vacant path. This far away from the source of all things, everyone you meet is a friend

I'm here folks! I probably sound like a zealous tourist exploring ancient monuments. And that's what I am, actually. I started on book one tops one week ago but have read enough to be emotionally invested. Guess I'm stuck here for now.

Those aren’t tears.
That’s liquid pride.

—Happy Spade

any good music for Urohringr reading?

So, uh, is there any reason Ofolrodi’s not in the story list yet? It’s almost been a year since it started.

I'm here now. Eternally. I can never leave.

Awful roadie? What's that? ;)

So, is nobody going to add Ofolrodi? I'd do it myself but you need snazzy administrator privileges to do that.

Well, Utaan is back

Commence the ehst hoersen

Austraeoh is such an epic, not just because of the amazingly detailed and fantastic tale that ):( has woven, but also because of the awesome community that has been behind it every step (flap/hammock/paddle?) of the way east. All of the comments following each chapter make the story so much richer, like a real journey with friends. Thank you all for making this so awesome!

I seem to remember that somewhere there was a fanfic on Austraeoh that had Dash losing to everything with the first beacons instead of winning. It also had hydra devouring the first beacon so that Dash had to activate it inside. Does anyone know? Did it disappear? Was it a dream maybe?

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