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This story is a sequel to Utaan

Rainbow Dash traverses the perils of the Dark Side of the world to reach the Midnight Armory.

Cover art by Dafaddah

Chapters (302)
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Is this Master Chief

And so the tale continues my friends. There's no getting off this train. Onward to the Midnight Armory.


Oh man, I have 2 exams this week that I need to revise for, I'll have to read this in my break. Also I'm a little worried about that gore tag at the top...

Edit: having actually read the first chapter, I now understand why it was added.

Ywm is the new driet.

Hahaha! It begins! Look at all of those tags, sweet Celestia! We're not playing around anymore, guys. Things get serious from now on.

Good luck, Rainbow Dash. You're gonna need it. :rainbowdetermined2:

He-he-he-here we go again!
Same old, same old, same old shit again!
Marching down the avenue!
Four more books and we'll be through!

I've waited so long to be here for the publication of a new book...

The train is moving again!

I will get to this soon, so help me (insert choice of deity here).

And then Vy'lyssa became soul energy for those crystalline monstrosities. Not a pleasant way to go.

I'm guessing this took place long before RD and crew crossed the divide. I've got the feeling that that dragon, if it's supposed to be Endrax, has been dead for a long time by this point.

"Eee-eee-eee!" was the resounding cheer from every leather-winged soul within view of the scene.

Even in the middle of a war-ravaged holocaustal hellscape, a batpone eee'ing never ceases to be cute.

Comment posted by remnants deleted Jun 4th, 2017

Saddle up boys and girls it's going to be a long ride.

A very, very long ride.

So I was right, that last bit did take place forever ago.

I'm trying to imagine what these ponies look like. I get the feeling that they're transparent to some degree, and they're probably related to Crystal Ponies (though Crystal Ponies aren't unicorns in the show, thus 'related'). The 'eyes on eyes' part is a little confusing. Are they literal eyes, or more like the ghostly images of eyes from the souls inside them?

I suspect we'll find out much more soon enough.


We have our Trinity War and our soul stealers... and Endrax as a fourth faction. Obviously this happened long ago, since it's when she died- but not nearly at the start of the war, since we've got so many signs that this has been going on for a long time. Whatever that pendant is must be really important, because Endrax dying in the middle of a very long war can't be a coincidence. And the golden flash? My first guess would be the sun, but that's impossible, so...



Well we have the next book title already I bet.
in which case best guess I have for it is (bad/evil/ugly/unpleasing/difficult) (tear/rip/scar/rift)

Even if it's not book 10's title, it sounds like it could fit thematically. What if there's another Chaos rift similar to the one in Ponyville....

And now Axan's soul is joining the madness of this plane. On the bright side, that means we might see her again...

Really interested to see how Seraphimus turns things around in this story. I can understand why Rainbow believes in her. After all, she herself thought she had nothing left to live for, and look how far she's come now.

Now to eagerly await the regular updates again. I've been looking forward to this for forever!

What does this twisted plane DO with the souls of the dead?

Twenty wide-arm push-ups, ):(. Knock 'em out!

What a prelude. I'm so excited!!

Never have I been more happy to get daily blue balls.

Of a literary sense, of course.

Wanderer D

There's always a certain beauty to see a new book for this series... :raritystarry: Now if I could only smell the pages and ink... the experience would seem even more real...

Oh, my god. I have never been more excited.

This feels like sequencing in Eljunbyro, only hundreds of times more wrong. And not that I want to be the first to say Shell, but... they probably have him, too.

As a side, this whole "using souls for attacks" thing seems similar to what Verlax did when she sacrificed windigoes to attack Mortuana. Seeing as Verlax already had a bunch of powers usually reserved for Changeling Queens, it seems she was really picking stuff up on the Dark Side...

Also, congrats to Alamais and Lexicon Spark for being the first references in about eight months!

8211075 Ilrifa was already mentioned in Utaan. My best guess is that it refers to the voice that's been talking to RD in her visions ever since Amulek, which might also be Nightshade's False Spark obtained from the ancient pegasi and also has something to do with the Sundering.

Great, the entire plane is infested by Sombras Wendigos.

Im pondering if the Midnight Armory is actually a giant honypot. Anyone can get in if they want, but by then its too late, Discords Prism absorbs them just like the plebs outside, but does it vastly more efficiently.

Whats even bette, is one design makes the Harmonic Prism a variation of the Perambulator. Or like Portters Stone. What you find if you aint the Elements, aint the Prism, just the honypot. Its the reaction of the elements and the Honypot that forms, creates the Prism?

Youd have thought after all this time that even a divine corpse could not have just been drilled through, but erased totally.

The Trinary War thinks theyre good?

We're just getting started.:trollestia:

Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jean "Moebius" Giraud present: MY LITTLE PONY

I see. So . . . dragons, Changelings, Sarosians, and . . . whatever that last race us. I've forgotten over time. This isn't a Trinary war at all. Not only that, but who is the pony within the structure? How exactly does it have offensive capabilities? Or, better yet, why? Actually, shit, the best is WHO is commanding that thing?

It would seem that we have many mysterious to solve before we can even take our first step.

Once more east, this time with !00% more dark and a bucket of grim.

Okay, i'm going to assume for the moment our many eyed crystal unicorn types are the Night Shard, and man they're an intriguing bunch judging from just the brief interactions I saw. Apparently they've got some serious soul magic going on, capable of draining souls (or energy akin to souls) to fuel giant death monoliths. And do freaky memory magic. Very similar to what Bellemsith was doing all the way back when.

The Changelings are full on xenomoprhs, complete with acid blood and spit. I wonder if there's any Predators running around, too? And Tchern has something called a Flux she's working on? That name sounds familiar but I can't put my finger on where I've heard it before.

And the Herald is still licking its wounds while debating the decision to keep Seraphimus alive. As most could probably guess I'm firmly on Dash's side with this one. There's been enough death already, and there's likely to be a lot more to come, and quite frankly the Herald needs all the help it can get if they can just get Seraphimus to see past her own crazy. Maybe being on the Dark Side and seeing the full truth of what Dash is dealing with might get the nutty cat-bird to get herself together.

Oh, and apparently Axan's soul is floating off. Or something that a reflection of the soul maybe. I'm not sure if this is indicative of what's been grabbing souls from the Light Side or not, but I'm sure we'll learn more about what's going on here over time.

Now let's just hope the Herald can get itself functional soon. They're on the Dark Side now, so they can't really afford to take too much time to rest or let their guard down.

On the Dark Side, no deaths are final, it seems. This may very well be intense.

A few random observations I forgot to point out on the last few chapters: the sarosians have wooden airships, implying the presence of trees, and the Night Shard (that's what I'm assuming our soul-eating friends are) have a home that very possibly could be our missing Sentinel.

My money's on the Night Shard being descended from Darkreach.

Charred whelps landed all across the battlefield, giving the air necrotic percussion.

In all seriousness, this is the best written and best paced battle scene from this series I can remember. This flashback may not be as far back as the one from last book...

Damn, I gotta catch up on this

Onwards, Austraeoh, spark of Urohringr.

Holy damn, that vision of a battle past was absolutely visceral. Especially the parts where some of the Sarosians were being dissolved by changeling acid.

Y'know, for being a thousand years ago, that battle seemed to have some pretty advanced tech going on for its time. I can only image how developed those factions are now.

Speaking of the the factions, I believe we've seen the first of the Night Shard. The seem to be..."dark" crystal ponies or somesuch? Interesting. I'm already liking them by the description of their architecture and the command structure when Archeantus talked on the comms.

"Easy does it, precious. Here..." He levitated the vial beneath her muzzle and popped the diamond cork. "Stillborn." His glossy brow furrowed. "Inhale."
As soon as the lid was opened, plumes of ruby smoke shout upwards. They took the form of curled, fetal shapes, and the air shook with high-pitched wailing. Alamais inhaled the fumes, and her many layers of eyes lit up until they all pulsed as one.

Ehhh...minus this bit, though. That's a new level of "what the fuck".:unsuresweetie:

"The Huntlands? But... that will take them to bloodwing territory. Beyond Petra!"

Oh, hello there.

So apparently the Night Shard already knows that Rainbow's here. Get ready for an interesting encounter, everyone...

I feel bad for Flynn. Waking in a world of hurt with his memories shorted out, and one of the first things he finds out is that Axan's dead and Seraphimus is with them.:applejackunsure:

I hope he's able to find a way to fix Wildcard's arm.

"Harumph..." Logan folded his forelimbs as he glared back at Rainbow Dash. "Did Fluttershy feed you that idea as well?"

"As a matter of fact, no," Rainbow muttered, floating back slightly. "She's been doing all she can to dam my tears in since we landed here.


Also, spooky soul magicks.

"Nothing's changed about that, Eutropius." Archeantus' many eyes flickered until they aligned in one blue beam. "The Lord is my responsibility. Nobody else's." As the lift reached the command floor at the base of the structure, he stared out at the burning patch of earth beyond the glass surfaces. "He gave us life. I aim to give him back ten times more." He stepped out with a flap of his robes, sneering: "I'll be damned to oblivion if there's a creature on this plane that deserves what's inside the Sarcophagus more than him."

So from what I can tell, these are some weird ass beings that are . . . unfortunately going to stop Rainbow the moment she tries to cleanse this realm. I really, really want to know who these beings arw. They have the ability to sift through the dying souls of all beings, searching for something, but this Alamais character can also harness their energy for a devastating offensive attack.

This must be what Mortuana was talking about, and it is awful. That means that . . . maybe the many good souls that we have encountered along our journey might have ended up being used as ammo for an unending war, and that's sad indeed. However, if that were true, then Alamais would already have known about this unknown arrival entering the plane.

Also, it seems they know of the prophecy, but my question is what is their end game? Why do all of this? Who is this Lord person and why is he so important? In fact, why does it seem like Archeantus is the one who's truly in control here? The Lord gave them life, and they seem to have been old enough to remember the people before them, which meams this is an old, dead race brought back due to the Lord.

Seriously, who is this guy, man? I NEEED to know.

The interesting piece of information is that they call the Midnight Armory a Sarcophagus. What's inside this place for them to call it as such? And there seem to be missing pieces, as always, so I guess Rainbow will have to make enemies in order to get those.

Maaaaaan! I am pumped beyond belief! I've been so ready for this.


Once more unto the breach!

ITS HERE:pinkiehappy:!ITS HERE:pinkiehappy:!ITS HERE:pinkiehappy:!ITS HERE:pinkiehappy:!ITS HERE:pinkiehappy:!ITS HERE:pinkiehappy:! And what a start it is. This is going to be intense, and I am definitely going to have to reread this to understand the whole thing.

Now that was a hell of a way to start. Endrax enters the game and is dead pretty much right away. Kinda surprising, but she'll serves as one heck of an obstacle from getting into the Armory. The Trinary War is nuts. This whole story is already nuts. I love it!


Hot damn I am so hype.

More questions, with the answers looking like they are very unpleasant indeed.:twilightoops:

1 week into Austraeoh and 137 chapters.

Then a story with 11,000 words on the first day is uploaded.

Run some quick mental calculations and that translates to a week of reading being uploaded every 10 days.


I know that's not how it works; I'm making a joke here.

She watched as the pony shrieked in terror—"Eeee-Eeee-Eeee!"—and struggled in desperation to fight off the drake's maw with the bayonet of his rifle. All the whelp had to do was reopen its jaws and clamp down over the soldier's neck, and the rest of the warrior's body went limp.

Every time I hear that cry I think of the noise a squeak toy makes when you step on it. Made would should have been morbid bloody hilarious.

Actually, because the ring fragment is so big, you would not be able to see the upward curvature with the naked eye, regardless of whether you're at an edge, or in the center. You'd need telescopes to even begin seeing it.


What a way to start off the next chapter in this ehst-ferting journey! Some gritty battle detail here! Alomst reminds me of the First World War, albeit with more cute, fuzzy batpones.


CHNKKKKT! A draconian set of jaws clamped over another warrior's wing to her left. She watched as the pony shrieked in terror—"Eeee-Eeee-Eeee!"—and struggled in desperation to fight off the drake's maw with the bayonet of his rifle. All the whelp had to do was reopen its jaws and clamp down over the soldier's neck, and the rest of the warrior's body went limp.

Why must you write such horrific descriptions of the deaths of cute fuzzy batpones? :fluttercry:

Situation Normal, All Fucked Up. A very succinct yet accurate description of Rainbow and co.'s current predicament. As for what is happening to Axan, I have no idea, but I think it has something to do with the souls being drawn somewhere. I guess the only question I have now is.... Is this also going to be a daily update story?

edit: and almost two days later, it seems the answer is a resounding NO, or at least not yet. A pity, but more than understandable

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