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shortskirtsandexplosions' Other Major Atrocities


() · 1:31am July 22nd

Lemur Detritus

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y o u
a r e
a c t u a l l y
f i m f i c
g a y

y o u
a r e
a c t u a l l y
f i m f i c
g o d

Aww man, just found out about your second Background Pony print and there's no way I can afford it in time. Any chance for a third run? :derpytongue2:

If I weren't mistaken, I'd misinterpret these as love letters.

Indeed brother.

I did not realize it was actually background material, my humblest apologies brother.

Yo yo yo, another wandering soul?
...hmmf, do you know any sources detailing the exact effects of the symphonies in Background Pony?
I swear, nobody has made any documentation of it YET.

  • Viewing 3,188 - 3,197 of 3,197
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