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Lemurcy · 5:47am August 26th

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I bet your parents don't let you drink caffeinated soda.

I'm making this blog to announce that the upload schedule of Ofolrodi is going to be a bit fragmented for the next few weeks

While it's something long-term, I believe it's also something I can indeed work in tandem with Austraeoh--because Austraeoh still remains my number one literary priority in life at the moment[...]

To that end, this is not a "hiatus," but rather a sort of "lull" or change in "pace" until I can figure myself out. The worst that can happen is that I give up on my dreams and resume doing Austraeoh dailies in about a month anyhow. The best that can happen is that I might do something to make myself happy for a change.

- Imploding Colon blog post number 9, "Concerning Fragments"
Post date: May 13th, 2018
New blog posts since May 13th, 2018 = 0
New 'Ofolrodi' (Austraeoh) chapter uploads since May 13th, 2018 = 0

... I do consider 365+ days without either a new blog post, or uploaded chapter very much a hiatius...

Just thought I'd give back some quotes I had once put my outmost faith in for everyone, specifically including the Author of course...

Oh, by the way we are 480+ days without either a new blog or chapter post regarding "the Austraeoh" along now.

Starvation and lack of faith has become very real on my part, as well as for many others followers of "the Austraeoh".

I would really like some clarity on what we can expect?:unsuresweetie:

Whenever I read one of your fics, I can never tell if I’m about to get a comedic adventure, a lurid escapade, an adorable affair, a subtly terrifying slow burn, or an existential nightmare that gut punches me with the power of philosophy.

This is high praise. Newer and lighter(/lewder), older and heavier, I’ve yet to find a fic of yours that I don’t find enjoyable to read. Fuck you for Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon, though. You can’t just put existentially terrifying Inception-style mindfcukery behind nothing but a Random tag! Pretty sure that’s a war crime or something!

Ok, first of, I totes embarrassed myself on your discord channel because I thought you were there and thus poured my heart out to you, only to discover that you left for personal reasons. I mean, I can understand and I respect your personal choice in the matter, but screw you anyways, you know? :-P

So, to cut to the chase, here's what I wanted to tell you. It has been weighing in on my mind for a long time, and having just finished 'Utaan', I felt this to be the perfect moment to tell you this:
I would like to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude to you for gracing this undeserving world with the majestic masterpiece that is the 'Austraeoh' series. I had been battling my subconscious for years to know wherever I should embark into this multi-million-words eastbound trainwreck, when finally, right at the beginning of this year, I won the upper hand. I do not regret a single thing since then, even the 1-day-binge of Ynnanhlutr. My eyes did have a different opinion, but I digress
Thank you, SS&E, for Austraeoh. I really mean it. This series has brought me to tears more times than I can count (and that is an achievement in and of itself, because I don't really do that anymore after Cupcakes), has made me laugh and cry with Rainbow, Pilate Bellesmith and Wildcard (just to name a few), and filled my heart with wonderment towards the rugged beauty of a magnificient plane floating in chaos, forever broken. For almost 8 months now, you have made every single sunrise worthwhile, made every smile on my face genuine, and made me wholeheartedly believe that there is beauty everywhere in this cold and gray world of ours.

You might think that this is not genuine, that this random person on the internet is pulling your leg, but I assure you, SS&E, you and your work of art are the reason, the single reason, why I even bother waking up somedays, surrounded by all of these news about shooting in the USA, Tornados in my hometown, and rise of Nationalism everywhere.

So thank you. From the bottom of my heart, from the deepest reaches of my soul, thank you for this beauty you have blessed this world with.

I hope you are doing alright, and have a nice day. (I swear, I never know gow to finish stuff like this...)

Story coming soon.

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