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time is a crime · 3:51am October 11th

time is a crime

Lemur Detritus

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Just dropped in to let you know I'm so happy you're still around! Have a good one mate :twilightsmile: ~Dollars

235 stories how do you pull that off?

Are any of the word trackers still in use?

Love u bro (no homo tho).

ss&exy. hee hee. hehh

I'd like you to know I have had The End of Ponies in my watch list since it was released, but every time I looked it grew longer and longer and more daunting. But just so you know, it may take another 20 years, but ill read it.:trollestia:

He's also Just Essay who wrote Appledashery.

  • Viewing 3,319 - 3,328 of 3,328
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