Daring Do goes on an epic quest to cross magnificent landscapes, to scale impenetrable boundaries, and to transcend herself.

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Here we go!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Naming it Purple would have been too overt.

The tags alone made me want to read the story:twilightsheepish:.

Oh myyyyy....

Oh my will THIS be something!

I look forward to it all!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Interesting. There's clearly some connection between Daring's monochrome mane and a certain book. The question is what, and how, and which.

In any case, looking forward to more. This is going to be a trip and a half.

One thing, though:

She tilted her head back and forth to see what lay beyond her perpetual vision.

Did you mean "peripheral vision" here?

And so, it begins...:rainbowdetermined2:

This was trippy to read... Good, wonderful even, but trippy.

This was definitely something...different...to read, but it was very enjoyable. Can't wait to read more, and glad to hear it will update frequently. :twilightsmile:

Some folks love the scenery stuff, but I am glad it's balanced out with some pretty nifty and fancy world mechanics.

Welp. Time to go install Myst, again.

Love the lack of speech so far. Makes it seem... detached.


I'm curious about that book... She is the one who wrote it, or it was written about her...

Also... I agree with 2943055 in that the scenes and wording is epic and awesome.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I vaguely remember someone in the Jury talking about writing an Austraeoh-esque Daring Do fic.

I've only read the first three words and I can already tell this will be good.

There seem to be an awful lot of books that Daring's ripping up today. Good luck with all that.

Circles, maybe they will become a recurring theme. If they do, then I will be slightly pointed if "Do not disrupt my circles" doesn't appear somewhere in the dialogue. That is, if dialogue is an actual thing in this story.

Very interesting. Already have lots of guesses about this story, but I'll keep them to myself for now.

Also, thank you so much for having Daring was that salt water off of her. The mental image of salt water drying and crystallizing on my body is unbelievably irritating. Sand and brine-y water are main components of the Equation of Misery. Heat is a third.

Ooh, mysterious! No dialogue, that's interesting.

Huh, six clusters of beetles and six spinning fan blades...six is not a number without meaning in this fandom...

Also, more circles. More rotating. More shredded books. More creatures and forces of nature being utilized or even controlled by this unknown civilization...

All the while, Daring Doo seems very concerned about what she sees in the mirror.


Gotta say, I love the world building. What could be considered too much is evened out nicely by the action. It's a nice combination and I'm eager for more. And would you look at all these themes...

The plot thickens. I have some theories, but too early to tell. I shall await the next pair tomorrow =)

Time to throw myself at another fic, Go!


Hmmm....wonder what's up with Daring and those books... :rainbowderp:

Awesome already SS&E! Can't wait to see what happens next! :twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2:

Hm. Still not certain what she's looking for...

Also, this reminds me a LOT of the old PS1 Tomb Raider.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Very intriguing start. Love the mystery, and the lack of dialogue is intriguing. Once again, your descriptions amaze me. Few authors can put me into a scene as well as you can.

I also wonder if there's any connection at all between this story and "The Rainbow Face-Up". The ruined book at the beginning reminded me of the Rainbow Dash & Friends book (that's what I call it, anyway) that Daring read in the other story, or maybe it's unrelated. The way she keeps looking at her mane, as if expecting to see something, is curious. *Re-reads description*

"...and to transcend herself."


Then there's the recurring motif of circles. I can't help but notice the humongous gear-like wheels in DOD's awesome coverart. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it.

But either way, I'm excited to continue. It's really well-written, so far, with no mistakes that I could see.

This is confusing. It's not a "what the fuck is going on" sort of confusing, it's a "missing some really important context" sort of confusing. It's a bit like what I imagine reading Jurassic Park with all references to dinosaurs removed would be like. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, it's just... odd.

Are those...the books in her adventure series? Daring Do and the Shifting Sands? Daring Do and the Whipping Winds? Why is she destroying them? To erase her past? Transform herself? The scene always changes suddenly when she destroys one of the books. Notice the first chapter began with the sound of ripping paper. And what connection might there be between her destruction of the books and some expected change in her *coughgraySCALEcough* mane? Very, very curious.

I love the strangeness of the story. The sense of unreality. For example, the way nature and living things are incorporated into the puzzles. Makes me wonder if this journey is partly, or even mostly, a mental one for Miss Do.

Another great chapter. Once again, no mistakes that I could find.

P.S. - What is it with you and east?


Glad I wasn't the only one reminded of Myst by this story.

If whoever got transformed into Daring doesn't at least come to some sort of livable life after this, so help me.....:twilightangry2:

I agree about the Myst vibe (though I'm more familiar with Riven), but I'm also getting a Miyazaki vibe from some of the environments and scenery she's finding herself in. This swamp sort of reminds me, in my mind's eye, of the sacred forest in "Princess Mononoke". The valley with the windmills reminds me of "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind". The wind-swept planes remind me of "Howl's Moving Castle", etc. Pretty cool.

No book to destroy this chapter, though the thing with her mane continues, this time to the point of weeping. So many delicious unanswered questions: Where is she? How did she get there (prior to chapter 1)? Where is she going? Why is she going there? Who lived in this place, that signs of civilization should exist? What significance might there be in the stride in which she's taking all the successive strangenesses she encounters? And what the hell lies eastward?

I love stories like this. Again: good chapter, no noticeable mistakes.

The Shifting Sands... she's in Deltora?!

That... fits surprisingly well with my own headcanon.

Kinda figured something was up about the time she ran into the crabs. I mean, seagulls flying in circles is one thing, but that's not a very typical behavior of crabs. Especially if they do it for a long enough time where one can observe and space out because of it.

Once rid of it, she sighed and planted the pit helmet atop her gray head.

You forgot the "h".


Welp. Time to go install Myst, again.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Curioser and curioser. I'm just wondering who the heck left all these traps and puzzles, much less the books themselves, and what the double-heck Daring is playing at in destroying them. This:

The more she dwelled upon it, the more she realized that she was poorly equipped for the elements of the swamp, or any of the landscapes beyond for that matter

Does that suggest that she knows where she's going? It seems like she's been flying by the seat of her pants so far, so to speak. Also, the lack of dialogue, context, or any other sentient beings is starting to get unnerving. It makes all of this feel like a dream. I've wondered if this is really Rainbow Dash, just in some kind of coma or other detached state, trying to rediscover herself and get home, but that doesn't feel right. The symbolism of the laughing voices, the six stars, seems obvious enough, but the fact that there are six, and not five, seems to rule Rainbow out. So what? Is it actually Daring? To what end?

I guess I should just shut up and let it happen.


Suddenly, a sheet of rocky dirty brushed across her flank.


Still not quite certain what's going on, how she got there, or what she's there for, but I highly suspect those answers will be revealed in time, if not soon.

Puzzles. Glorious puzzles.:rainbowkiss:

I haven't read a ShortSkirts&Explosions story since I finished Background Pony.

Such intriguing places, and even more interesting phenomenon.

I guessed the mosquito first puzzle before she did though =P

The adventurer and tile plates were sworn enemies.

This made me laugh far more that it should have.

Interesting to note that it isn't enough that Daring destroy the books. She specifically has to tear out the pages. Otherwise, she could've just burnt the latched book using the torch in hoof.

Also, she made some combination of saddlebags and bandoliers. Saddlebandoliers. Awesome.

Looking forward to seeing how the brave explorer avoids this vegetable barrage.

Hmmmm. Books have a heavy role in this story, I'm going to guess. I dunno.

At least Daring remembered the most important rule of dealing with a large empty room:

Throw a stone into it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I logged on the the right time apparent. Must read moar...

At first, Daring was reticent to trot forward.

I think ya mean "reluctant."

She studied the last two towers and found images of frogs and mosquitoes respectfully.

And "respectively."

Anyways, amazing story so far, Skirts. I've been putting off reading a chapter-based story of yours for far too long. Looking into her reflection, circles, books, this abandoned civilization, all quite interesting. And the IMAGERY, I've never experienced anything like it. This story has some of the most vivid imagery I've experienced in any piece of literature. Looking forward to the next chapter.

DAMN. Seemed like Daring could have used a lawnmower.

And the journey continues!

~Skeeter The Lurker

A green hair, but not sure if it's the bang from the text... So far I feel my theory may be plausible. Really loving this by the way.

Geez...freaky weather and even freakier vegetation...:rainbowderp:

Her mane was gray, her every bang a monochromatic hue... except for one strand down the center...

A strand that was green... as green as grass.

Daring's lips began to quiver. She inhaled sharply, biting down on a tan hoof as her whole body quivered. Her cheeks bunched up in a bittersweet grin, and a tear rolled down her face as she rotated the case around. On every turn, she reexamined her hair, and on every flash of reflective light, it was still gray... and green.


There needs to be a Daring Do face for comments. Oh well. Dash for now. :rainbowdetermined2:

This has some of the feel of early Austraeoh, albeit with more sense of purpose. It might be because the main character is more interested in her immediate surroundings than Dash was, but either way, it already seems like something bigger is afoot (ahoof?).


Wish my Daring do story was written as well as this, Great story + Great writing style

Daring Doo is Rainbow dash?

She started at water, and ended at water. Go figure.

But that flight of hers... My god... The imagery made me see it alongside her...

Keep it going, chief!

~Skeeter The Lurker

The writing style and scene building are excellent, but I didn't get much out of this story. It felt like I was watching someone play 'Myst', what with the lack of explanation. If you enjoy watching others play cryptic video games, great story, but I could never get into them even as the player for the same reason I can't enjoy this. There is no reason, no explanation, no history.

How did she get to the beach in the first place? What was she looking for? Who built all these things? When? Why? And why has no one found them before now?
And that's before you ask the deeper questions; How were they built? Some of this looks quite a bit more advanced than cannon.

Great narrative, very good spelling and grammar, but until more detail is added, it just doesn't make sense. :applejackunsure:

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