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Side Story to Improbable Truth

The woman was used to being just another face in the crowd. Just another girl, trying to survive the harsh times that landed the world. But it was after a bright blue flash that everything had changed. In a strange world, where the laws of nature as she knew them were nothing more than suggestions, the girl had be rechristened by an alien claiming to have once been a man.

Val, short for Valentine, Valiant, or whatever else she could come up with to hide her true species, had soon found herself alone once more in this strange new world. Alone with nothing more than the advice of a madman, a cloak, and a reliable staff.

Might as well start exploring.

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Nice to see she isn't falling apart of feeling betrayed over the guy who already said he doesn't trust or want her around told her to leave after she messed up.

This is kinda cool. More interested in the main story but I'll certainly follow this.

I'm a bit disappointed Val didn't hang around in Ponyville for a little while longer. Given what they think "communism" means, and given what era she's from, it would be interesting to see how each party reacts when the other mentions it.

We only reveal ourselves to our closest friends and lovers.

That sounds familiar . . .

Just be careful where you put yourself for the ‘perfect shot’.


That photographer, Kawika Singson, was actually posing for a photo in that image. However, he does put himself in that kind of situation frequently to catch photos like this.

Thought: given that humans in this universe are anti-magic, I bet that by the end she will have accidentaly touched the macguffin or the magical key used to activate it, rendering the item a nice museam display piece.

I could see Daring Do actually making her a partner, since dangerous relics are purged of magic the moment she touches the item, making them useless to others.

6677192 She's got the POOOOOWWWWEEEEER!

For those of you wondering what western theme I'm referring to, here you go:

Duk duk duk


Also, the song gives a big hint on Val's timeframe. She's from near the end of the Cold War.

6680559 That was the main reason I put it in there. Let it be said that if someone were to examine the facts closely enough, they would know which month of which year Val came from. I may end up giving one last major hint in the story.

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