It's just another normal week of Vinyl Scratch attending school with the most beautiful creature on the the face of the earth.

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An episodic, daily romance.
Knowing your track record, this could be heartfelt and engaging, or mess with my brain in odd ways.
Either will probably be fun.

Don't normally like this pairing, but... fuck this was cute.

Skirts' Octavia is Best Octavia.

Unfortunately for Vinyl, all of her Daft Punk tracks were ripped from Youtube

You Philistine.
I could have made a pun with filly, there. But you're not even worth it.

*glances at title*

It looks kinda like a Vinyltavia fluff doc but the weird don't gives me flashbacks to that "gotchya!" Fic, out of character. Hmm.


Beautiful. Simply beautiful.


I am so sorry for not having faith in you.

This was amazing.

It's just another normal week of shortskirtsandexplosions publishing a rated teen mid-thousands word shipfic.

my spontanious reaction. Well, second to "bloody wonderful" of cource. Have a bogging fav.

Oh god I can relate to Octavia help

But I'm a creep~


Oh no she's gonna die isn't she D":

Blech, and I'm sick right now so now I feel like Vinyl

Welp, this was adorable. As always, your hopelessly crushing first-person protagonist is extremely compelling, and I really get a sense of why she likes this gal.


She grabbed the reciept, didn't she? She totally grabbed the reciept. If that wasn't the reciept, then I'll eat my- well, I don't have a hat, but I'll eat SOMETHING.

Cheers, love.


Everyone's commenting about how cute and generally lovely this all was, and I'm here being really impressed with how tight the storytelling is behind those famous flowery words of yours :raritywink:

But seriously, I think you've absolutely hit the nail on the head with the plot in this one. It progresses at just the right moments and shines through the rest of the prose clearly so the reader never feels lost. And the story itself? Fun, silly, and generally cuter than kittens in a basket, though not without a healthy dose of creepy thoughts and awkward moments. I mean, there's always a sense of creepiness and awkwardness to stories about crushes, and I think you toe the line on occasion... but then, don't the thoughts that people actually have when crushing on someone toe the line sometimes, too?

Vinyl's inner dialogue making freudian slips was lovely, and I liked how you committed fully to it. I admit, there were a few moments that just didn't quite hit the mark for me, but all-round a lovely little number that probably didn't need any of the serious thought I've just been giving it.

I'm trying to make a conscious effort to comment on things that I've read more often. I'm also trying to make an effort not to ramble on forever about tiny little details. I think it's going well?

Okay, so that specific paper wasn't the reciept, so I was... half-right, maybe a quarter. It was still really friggin adorable how it ended up, though. The parts during the weekdays were also really good; made me feel like I was in an actual high school again.

This is easily one of the better things I've read in recent memory. Thank you for sharing.

7487982 This is a Skirts story, so... probably.

~ Chapter: 13

This is utterly fantastic in every way.

Vinyl is stalker confirmed. Also, Octavia OP,S&E plz nerf.

Beautifully done. Just the right blend of purple prose and precise pacing. Thank you very much for this piece.

God, kids can be cruel. You'd think Vinyl was the first person in the history of cafeterias to ever drop her tray.

"Well... I suppose I do sacrifice a few things to lesson the burden."


Hey Tavia, Tavia, got a question for you. It's not about homework it's about 1 and 1 is 2

T'was a sweet piece you made.

This totally needs a follow up :) You are an artisan with words, you truly are!

7487977 you would you fucking music hipster

7488256 So far I wouldn't say stalker. Love struck yes but she's not following her home steeling her gym socks or entering yandere or however that's spelled territory.


Signatures at the bottom of your post are unnecessary and make the page harder to navigate, especially on mobile. Please refrain from using them, if you have any information you want everyone to have access to, place it on your profile page instead.


7488787 Ugh I know I'm legitimately terrible

7488679 Yes! Yes! We needs more!!!! Also who are the three tasteless fools who disliked!!!! I will take their fan fiction license away!

7488066 I keep imagining her with Tracer's voice.

It was mentioned at the beginning that she was listening to a Coldplay remix.

Also, as far as creeps in songs go... Negative Creep?

Freud was right xD

I was literally curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth on my chair and squeeeeeeing just about the entire way through.
I think my family actually thought I was having a heart attack or something, so that's fun.
It was hilarious, so touching, and just generally all round absolutely fantasbulotastic! (Totally a word)
Seeing (listening? reading?) Vinyl's train of thought separately was a particularly nice touch, and as always your writing was completely on point.
Now keep being the most awesome horse worder out there! :pinkiehappy:


7488814 That'll never stop Skeeter. He'll keep doing it, till the Earth decides to have world peace, which will not happen.

she produced a nervous grinned.

Also: The pictures drewn by your writing style in this story are quite beautiful.

geez, reminds me of myself when I was a freshman in high school:rainbowderp:

I just realized that I forgot what's it like to fall in love.

Then I read this story.

I feel 15 years old again. Alright, now onto my video games to unapologetically suppress them for the rest of my life again.

There's a little space in my heart where Tavi and Vinyl sleep and Skirts writes their lives for me! This so needs to be 100k+

Comment posted by Chapter 13 deleted Aug 18th, 2016

Yes. Oh Gods, yes, you can kindly boink me... I-I mean borrow me... I-I-I mean borrow my panties... papers... noteboobs... crudsicles!

It's probably for the best that she doesn't talk.

Also, loving it so far.

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