Vinyl has lost her glasses; Tavi knows where they are.

A story commissioned by Gunfstep
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Now it looks as though they're here to neigh...

She pulled her goggles off (pausing to toss her majestic smoky mane, just because) and stammered

See, Skirts knows what's up with Best Pony. :ajsmug:

First off, the Doctor's wrong, doing that would throw said object out of time itself, throwing it into timeless space, stuck in an eternal void. It would also create a hole in reality thst would suck everything in said void.

Secondly, I loved this fic.

only pare of shades!

...you... that... Shades aren't fruit!

"Nooo!" Scootaloo flinched. "Keep her away from me—!"
But it was too late. The store erupted in a crimson flash of light, accompanied by bellicose screams.

Now who you callin' a chicken?
Wait, nevermind, she doesn't exist anymore.

Well, that was a delightful bit of insanity. Thank you for it, and for demonstrating that Fimfiction needs more hippos. :twilightsmile:

I approve of the Timecop shenanigans.



This was fun.

I wonder if there will be two Tavis now, since future Tavi now found no glass fragments and had no reason to go back in time...

Poor Scoots tho...

This was hilarious pointlessness.

That bit at the end was priceless.

I didn't get that last part with Scoots.
Was it a reference to an other story?


I believe it's a Back to the Future part 2 reference

That what u though of when u saw the title.

The almanac and jacket is a reference to "Back to the future!"
Which is, an amazing time travel classic movie series.

7415397 Really? l hadn't noticed that. l normally just go around to random stories and just post music :facehoof:

Yeah. The title is similar to part of the lyrics. Yesterday all my trouble seem so far away.

7415438 Okay, l'm going to spell this out so you can get this: l know what l'm doing. You don't have to point out the obvious on this site. Most people on this site and in the world, in fact, would probably know what l was doing when l posted the song. lf you look in the comments below the very first one is a reference to the song

Sorry I didn't mean to offend you.

7415474 you didn't, just for future reference though, maybe if someone posts a song without comment assume that that person knows what they are doing. okay? okay.

Yeah. I'll keep that in mind.

All that fluff though.... :rainbowlaugh:

"Whoah there, kid!" Derpy peeked over the counter. "You okay?" The red light faded, and the pegasus was left blinking. "Kiddo? Where'd you go?" A beat. "Heh... I'm tellin' ya! This silly app. brings all the kiddies out these days!"

Was it a pokemon go referance at the very end? Also poor Scootaloo, what did she do to you to be compared to a chiken?!

All in all it was a very nice, fluffy read. Special thanks for a generic story name. (*sings* yesterday, all my shades were blown away...)

"Mmmm... that's a very good question." Dr. Whooves tapped his chin. He turned and called across the street. "Hello there, Doctor! What time is it?"

Dr. Whooves scuffled to a stop in front of a bakery, blinking. "Why... Seven o'clock! Saturday afternoon!"

"Thank you, my good Doctor." Dr. Whooves bowed.

Dr. Whooves bowed back. "Anytime, Doctor. Now please be a responsible stallion and stay out of the lab for the next foreseeable future!"

"Already ahead of you, Doctor!" Dr. Whooves waved. As the other Doctor trotted off, he turned to smile at Octavia. "Right, then!" An eyebrow twitch. "That would explain a few things!

Well two things

"With what?" Octavia smiled with a tender flicker of hope. "Glue? Plastic mold? Nanomachines?"


Well Octy just destroyed the universe.
She created time paradox, when the shades and the shards collided they wiped themselves from existence, meaning future Octy never found the shards, never went to the doctor to fix them.

Dat reference at the end though :yay: hahaha, nice story man, a good read~
ANd Tavi destroyed the universe... good going.

It's for the best. Had Tavi succeeded in making the swap then the broken glasses would have been infinitely old. Just replacing one open paradox with another.

In the far-off distance she thought she heard ravenous buzzing noises—like metallic mosquitoes—but she did her best to ignore them.

The Langoliers are coming, Tavi...they're coming...for you.


I hated that movie. Boring AF.

7413652 pare is cut. Pear is fruit. Pair is 2 items

Fuzzy this little horse feet that. Sounds like you want to hug the characters.



Well, that ended as well as impromptu time travel can, I suppose.

"Lemme guess!" Pinkie smiled. "You've been thrown back a day because of reverse time and now you're having to replace your roommate's glasses with a broken pair and gallop away unseen?!"

Octavia gulped. "Erm.... m-maybe?"

Good ol' Pinkie. Never change! :pinkiesmile:

7417944 I watch it for the same reason I watch other comletely horrible movies.

Their crappiness makes me feel better about myself.

Man, just at this topkek quality CGI!!!

Question, how does the story commission thing work. Do you do that for other people or was this a one time thing?

So many fuzzies!

(Of course, the taser ninja fight scene was better.)

I'd tell you whether or not you're a good writer Skirts...

...if I ever had a clue about what the fuck you were writing about.

View the broken shades from their own perspective and its life goes like this:
1) Tavi finds the broken shades in the lost and found
2) Tavi goes back in time with the broken shades
3) Tavi swaps the broken shades for the intact pair
4) The broken shades end in the lost and found after the party
5) Go back to 1.

At no point do the broken shades have an entry point or exit point for the loop. This isn't a problem for information (as I've seen in other fictions*) because the information is identically refreshed each loop, but it is a problem for matter because matter cannot last forever by our understanding of the laws of physics.

* An example of knowledge looping like this is Twilight knowing that time spells are in the Star Swirl wing of the library. Where did she learn it? From her future self. What did she do with the knowledge? Teach her past self.

Ponies are best served with a healthy degree of fluff.

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