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Vinyl Scratch had been mute all her life. She's long since accepted that. It doesn't get in her way as much as one might think.

But, when it comes to telling Octavia how she feels, there could be no greater obstacle.

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Finally, a Vinyl Scratch and Octavia story that I like. Well, only one in a long time.

Bravo, I really enjoyed this story.

7728659 Thank you very much for reading and enjoying. It felt nice visiting one of my favorite ships for the first time, and I'm glad it wasn’t a complete flop.

This is incredibly cute. One of the first Vinyl and Octavia fics I've read in quite some time, and I most certainly was not disappointed.

The pacing was very nice, and the part where Vinyl confesses to Octavia and all after is my favorite part; it's adorable how she went with song lyrics for it, and Tavi reciprocated, at least for a moment.

7728703 I appreciate you saying that. I was kinda nervous that I had paced it all wrong, so I'm glad to hear that is not the case. It was also strange writing a story where the main character doesn't talk (dialogue is one of my strong suits).

Thanks for reading!

Ah, this was a lovely piece of work. Good pacing, good story, and the feels. Have an internet cookie!

Dear chillbook1,

People like you restore my faith in humanity and this fandom every time writers such as yourself get good decent and really good stories featured instead of clopfics.

Thank you for renewing my purpose for living.


7728936 Thanks for reading and enjoying, it really means a lot to me.

7728967 A few things. First, and most importantly, thank you for reading and enjoying! I'm glad this fic came out okay, I was super worried for a bit.

Second, though I'm grateful to be featured, I feel the need to point out that I'm only featured in the non-mature box, so that would be why you're not seeing clopfics.

Third, losing a feature box spot to a clopfic is fine, if the story is well written. Clopfics have a place on this site. I think it should be it's own place, perhaps a separate box, but a clopfic is no less a decent piece of literature than my own


Third, losing a feature box spot to a clopfic is fine, if the story is well written. Clopfics have a place on this site. I think it should be it's own place, perhaps a separate box, but a clopfic is no less a decent piece of literature than my own

Dude, I think you are a respectable person. i think you have a nice talent for writing, and i'd like to call you a friend if i may be permitted. But I have to say this part of your reply was a load of [CENSORED PROFANITY BEYOND HUMAN COMPREHENSION] to be honest. But that is just my opinion. Take it with a pinch of salt if you can. i just think the majority (majority, not all) clopfics are [%&&*^$$*%] is all.

Anyway, your story was enjoyable to read during my break from working on my MLP Christmas animation, so thank you for filling up the time, chillbook1.

By the way, if anyone asks; don't write a sequel to this. I think this story says all it needed to. I'll keep an eye out for the next tale you spin together for us, your audience. Take care of yourself. (bows politely to you)

Yay, Vinyl and Octavia cuteness, I love it :pinkiehappy:!

Very good fic.

that's a like and a favorite ^^

7729055 I'm going to say first; this story showed up in the feature box for me, and my list features mature stories too.

Second: I think that a large amount of the clop that hits feature is deserving of a long list of explicit words to the tune of garbage, this is true.
But it's also true that you shouldn't judge a, aheh, book by it's cover. Just because a story is clop doesn't mean there isn't a lot more story to it, nor does it instantly mean the writing is garbage.
Don't deride a work just because it's nature includes an erotic focus.

/sees video link in the text
... would they really go there?
/clicks link
... they went there.

That was adorable! That's how you do mute Vinyl right!

This was really good. I loved it. /) I might just favorite this one. :yay:

I'm sorry, did Vinyl just confess her feelings of true love by Rickrolling her?

Now I've seen everything :rainbowlaugh:

7729665 Please understand i said the MAJORITY of clopfics, not every clopfic ever written. i also find it annoying when people get funded through Patreon for writing clopfics because of how over-saturated the genre is and because it's literally the kind of story you would write to get cheap easy views.

Again this is my opinion, so please take it with a pinch of salt. If you like clopfics, more power to you friend for enjoying something i cannot. Besides, I actually like a couple of clopfics myself, but only because the way they are written makes the characters compatible enough that I want them to get together in the end. There's buildup and then the payoff, instead of thrusting the whole porn into my face from the get-go. Most clopfics now on this site just cum in your face and cover your eyes with their jizz so you can't tell what the hell you're reading.

7729673 Yea, I'm super cheap, eh? Glad you enjoyed!

7729860 I appreciate it, bro. Thanks for the love (\

7729873 If I had love confessed to me via Rickroll, I'd probably marry them on the spot.

Short and very sweet :twilightsmile: Nice!

i did not even have to click that link to know what was behind it <.<

This was a damn good, emotional ride. Take my like and favorite.

There's something about this... I can't put my finger on it, but I feel like it's something to do with knowing that Vinyl doesn't say anything. Anything and everything she does is made through motions and expressions. She's unable to convey words, but we hear her every thought instead.

It's... difficult to pinpoint, but whatever it is, I really like this one. It's short, it's simple, and straight forward. Great job!

The only thing I'd critique is the Sign Language Lines. They're written as if Vinyl and Octavia are speaking. We know they're not. I'd suggest doing something like

'How's this for a sign?'

Apostrophe instead of citation marks, and in italics to convey that it's not spoken like normal.

7730048 I appreciate you reading, and I'll be making those changes immediately. Thanks a lot!

That was......Awesome:rainbowkiss:!

Good story. I hope you came up with the story then the idea to Rickroll your readers and not the other way around but in any case, good story.

I hate you

...Yep that was pretty much my reaction when I clicked that damned link.
Other then that it was an incredibly cute story

Vinyl Scratch was seen talking to Fluttershy in the background during Legend of the Everfree.

So, as somebody who was born before the Internet I really should have known better than to click the link. I did it anyway. I wasn't disappointed though; it's thematically apropos.

Well done all around for a bit of light romance. I'd like to bring attention to the fact that Vinyl mentioned not thinking to ask if Octavia was even into girls. On the whole I think we tend to take sexuality for granted—part and parcel for a largely gender homogeneous cast I think—so it's nice to see it mentioned as a valid concern.

I love a good romance. And you certainly delivered. Thank you for that.
Also. Shame on you for the Rick Roll. Thankfully I recognized the URL from years of Rick Rolling others so I was able to avoid a terrible fate, but still. Shame on you.
Despite the necro-meme I still very much enjoyed this. Thank you again. Definitely favorited.

This is now one of my favorite fics. Period. Why, you ask?


That is why.

That proves that Fluttershy can read lips :D

This was beautifully done.

Instead, I laughed quietly, then waved goodbye as Octavia walked herself out of my room and out of my house.

One trip to google later.

Mutes cannot make voiced sounds, which use vocal chords. They can yawn (which isn't a sound but a matter of breathing), but can't make the sound that nonmutes ASSOCIATE with it. Coughs and sneezes don't have to be voiced, either, but a laugh does. Mute, as related to people, means without speech, not without sound.

7730426 The Rick Roll thing certainly came later. This story was inspired by my mom, actually. I caught her listening to Method Man (which is not like her at all), so I asked her why. Turns out, my mom is as awkward as me when talking to the opposite sex, so she didn't know how to interact with her boyfriend. Instead of talking to one another, they sent each other songs that said what they wanted to express. I laughed at her corny and dorky they both were, and immediately began writing this.

7730621 Yea, I tend to ignore the possibility of heterosexuality for the sake of having a fun, dumb romance, but I wanted this to be slightly more emotional, which caused for a smidge more or realism. Honestly, I half-considered having Tavi reject Vinyl on the grounds of liking dudes, but I couldn't bring myself to do that to my favorite ship.

Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me. Also, thank you for exposing me to the word "apropos".

7730967 Thank you very much

7731010 I vaguely remember reading the mutes could laugh, but I'm quite possibly mistaken. Let's say, for the sake of saying, that Vinyl isn't mute for any physical reasons; it's entirely psychological. If that were the case, she should be able to laugh in the right situations, if she's comfortable enough, and I can think of no one she'd be more comfortable with than Tavi

Aww, that was sweet, and nicely done! Good show, good show.

7731053 That was actually unintentional at first, but I decided the double entendre was quite appropriate. Thanks for noticing!

Why are you texting me song titles?

She Loves You (yeah, yeah, yeah).

This story also made me fondly remember The Things Tavi Says.:pinkiehappy:

Well, I don’t know if I could say what I would do, but I can tell you what I’d never do



I almost clicked on that before I got it :facehoof:

7731196 I never read it on account of the length, but I appreciate the compliment. To be compared fondly to someone like shortskirts is a huge compliment to me, since they're one of the reasons I started posting on this site.

Thanks for reading.

while I am more of Octivia and Vinyl as sisters kind of person, this I thing was a well executed OctaScratch

7731222 That's why I love them together: they're such a versatile pair. Friendshipping, sister shipping, romance shipping, they can do it all.

Thanks for reading and enjoying!

I love you for that RWBY reference.

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