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What do you do when you're a shy girl who has a humongous crush on one of your closest friends? A friend who's probably not into girls, let alone you? A friend who's just so beautiful without hardly even trying?

If you're Fluttershy, you bottle those feelings up inside until they burst.

But when Rarity asks Fluttershy to help her with a project, one that puts Fluttershy in a compromising position, the secret might not stay a secret for much longer. How it comes out though, that's a story worth telling.

This is a birthday present for my good friend VampDash. This isn't a ship I usually go for (I'm more partial to RariJack myself) but this is one of his top 3 ships.

Rated T for strong language, and steamy parts throughout, but nothing explicit. Borderline toward the end maybe.

Also, while this IS a free gift for a friend, here's a link to my Patreon.

Featured on 11/23/16

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This is making me feel inspired to write something of my own. At least the gears are turning now. Thanks for that.

Also, cute and funny. Good job :pinkiesmile:

This was freaking adorable! Seriously Saph thank you so much!

7741525 Thanks!

This is a different ship for me as well. Normally I ship RariJack myself (it's my absolute favorite ship actually) but my friend likes this ship along with Gilda and Dash and Twilight and Pinkie Pie. I saw an idea for this and I went for it.

I have fantasies about it too. Violent fantasies, like ones where I'm pinning her against a wall and passionately kissing her, forcing my tongue into her mouth and grabbing her wrists tightly. Letting her know just how badly I want her. That's how I feel on the inside.

you beloved

Methinks you mean youR.



everyone one

No extra one.

She's one of those people who can talk at length for hours nonstop.

I've noticed. As much as I find Rarity enjoyable as a character, especially her EQG version would probably talk my ear off. I'm not that patient as is, and she'd most likely wear said little patience thin real quick.

The first dress she hands me is one that doesn't really go with my complexion and hair color. It's a blue and black piece, one that makes me look almost like an evil enchantress.

Must, not resort, to meme...

Whoever this dress belongs to is so lucky. I just love these sort of fashions.

And how long until she gets it?

Fluttershy.EXE has stopped functioning. Please close the program and restart.

And there it is.

“What's taking you so long, Fluttershy?”

I'm not surprised.

Holy hell that was amazing

Please make a story just called

"Rarity eats a Banana for lunch"


Oh my... Flarity in the feature box. And it's a day before Thanksgiving.

Very nice I like assertive fluttershy. :yay:

7743807 I'm a bit of a fan myself. :yay:


You get flirtatious, Fluttershy gets bodacious! :flutterrage:

You force her to spill, Fluttershy gets r.. really happy and asks you to the dance on Friday :yay:

Haven't added anything to my Flarity folder in a while, definitely a pleasure to read and add this one :raritystarry:

For all Fluttershy's exposition at the start... I think Rarity had it worse. Giving yourself an excuse to make your friend wear revealing clothing and then feeling them out like that is a mark of desperation.

This is a rare ship. I like it! Why is there not more of it, though? I ask you! Two of the most compatible characters on the show, and they don't get more love than this? I don't get it.

7744272 In fairness, Shy won't act lightly. She has to be pushed into a corner. Quite literally in some cases.

No bra?! Would that also means....

I really enjoyed this story! I very much liked how you explored Fluttershy's angsts, frustration and longing. Rarity, I thought, was pretty suave to confront Fluttershy in private...she knew the whole time but had to be sure not to put her on the spot in front of anyone else. Really good writing and a very nice story. Very passionate!

Man, I REALLY like how you write Fluttershy's point of view! It seems really... REAL. For like. A human teenager, you know?

Fluttershy saying fuck is so satisfying. Lovely story. :heart:

7746630 That's what I was going for. I wanted Fluttershy to feel like a teenager, thus isn't as one note as Pony Flutterhy.

and then the next day, Rainbow just gives Fluttershy "the look" waggling eyebrows included....
smirking, slyly phrasing innocent things to make her blush and glance towards Rarity

7747498 You know what? At this point, I might as well right? This became SO MUCH bigger than I planned, and I can sort of see how it would continue.

Super cool story you nailed the characters and warmed my heart :ajsmug:

Honestly, I'm more of a RaryDasher myself. But this was cute beyond measure. I can SO see Rarity as flutters' sub. It fits them :yay:

7748181 If you do, let me know. I'd love to read your review.



Admittedly not being a fan of this particular ship hurt my enjoyment of this story (I don't really ship these two with anyone). It's well written enough even though I saw the twist coming a mile away. Don't think Rarity would wait for Fluttershy to make a move either, she's definitely the type that would have no issues asking Fluttershy to the dance without the need for the elaborate ruse, especially when she already knows the feeling is mutual. I still liked it ok but it wasn't great is what I'm saying but that's probably just me.

Bucking great story! You need a proof reader!!!

7748181 Booo!!! reviewers suck.. Oh not you! Just all the rest....

Oh… fuck! How could I forget that?!

This makes me laugh harder then it should have :rainbowlaugh: hahahah! I like this.

This was nicely written, a nice tale of awkward teenage romance frustration.

Nice job, nice job.

7749994 I'm glad you enjoyed it. Seriously, the amount of love this story got shocks me to no end, but I am happy that it got it.

Hahah, it deserves it! I love this.
So keep up the great work!

This is amazing i love fluttershy and rarity the writing is realistic i can relate to every scene

I notice this.


Archetype is the word you're going for there.

Fluttershy.EXE has stopped functioning. Please close the program and restart.

I could have died of laughter, and I wouldn't have cared that line is so good.

Fluttershy.EXE has stopped functioning. Please close the program and restart.

Oh man, this one was unexpected. I laughed so hard that it hurt. That joke alone earned you a 9/10 from me for this whole fic.

Oh. Oh! I get what she's telling me!

A line like that, where you can practically see the realization dawning on their faces, is definitely something I've got to use in one of my own fics.

Geez! That sounded terrible! Smooth move, Stuttershy!

Someone's gotta new nicknaaaaaaaame :ajsmug:

“Oooooh… this is so embarrassing!”

I swear she's like an anime character...

an evil enchantress.

Is she gonna do an evil dance for us? :rainbowlaugh:

Fluttershy.EXE has stopped functioning. Please close the program and restart.

Now this is GOLD! :rainbowlaugh:

Mercy, I’m coming down it the vapours!

*uses oversized fan to try and cool off from the hotness of this fic*

What an odd voice you have for Fluttershy, far more mundane than her exterior.

Tried to make her sound more like an actual teenager mentally. My headcanon is that she actually REALLY wants to come out of her shell, but doesn’t know how to, so her thoughts tend to be more like this story.

Besides, most people are rarely that shy internally. They’re just afraid to let their thoughts out.

I wouldn’t imagine her stuttering in her own mental voice but some word usage seemed odd and took me out sometimes.

The rest of the context kept me going and I liked this well enough. It had its own unique spin, but not as unique as its sequel.

Had to go back read this again and add to favorites.

Don't look at Rarity when she's eating a banana. Sunset actually forbids Rarity from eating them at the lunch table now.


RariShy? Hm...I can see it happening, I guess. Not one of my top ships for Rarity, though.

Fluttershy was cute ntl, and I like that it’s a first-person story! We rarely get to hear her inner thoughts.

“Aaaaaaand now I'm done. Nope, wait. Wait… yeah I'm done. That one just isn't in good taste.”

Am I the only one who heard that in Peter Griffin's voice? Is that weird? Probably, but I don't care. It still made me laugh.

I'm really not one for short stories but this storie's synopsis really caught my eye. I have to say I really enjoyed this one. My only complaint of course is I wish it was longer. : )

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