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Greetings, I don't know you and I know the vice is also versa. However, I happened to find myself here and saw that the last comment on your page was....some time ago. Thus I have fixed this dire situation before it could continue further. I am the Raymanguy, Lord of Carrots, and your page has been fixed.

(This is what happens when one stays up too late. Anyway, sorry though above is pretty much whatever. Bonus points if you read it in a old British accent. One befitting an vegetable lord, of course.):moustache:

Thanks for the fave on All About Rarity! Would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Dear SoulFyre,

Thank you for playing a game of Chess with me. I'm glad we both had fun, no matter who the winner was, and I hope that we can sit down for another game sometime soon.

~ KR

(Thanks for the fave!)

Thank you for the fave on 'Scars'! I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 8 - 12 of 12
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