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I'm Bookish Delight, and I've been writing fanfiction since the late 90s for all sorts of things. Eventually I ended up settling down here because I love just darn near everything the Friendship is Magic IP has produced. I've been here since the beginning, and I really could stay here and just play around forever. Who knows--maybe I will!

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You Can Has Interview! · 7:36pm November 12th

Today's just a rollercoaster of pop-culture emotions! First the Pikachu trailer, then Stan Lee, now prepare for your emotional pendulum to swing back in the other other direction, because I just did an interview with EQD on how to get characters to play nice-nice with each other!

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Oh neat; thanks for the info! 8D

Not a canonically-stated name, no, but something I had kicking around my head for years and even got heard half-jokingly used by an EQG staffer at Everfree this year. It's almost more of a personal in-joke than anything

So OK I actually have a quick question from reading "The Winning Formula" (review hopefully coming soon but spoiler warning i loooooooooooooved it) but it's something I've noticed in a few of your recent EqG 'fics; you keep calling the world "Pedestria". Is that the canon name for it now? 'Cuz I legit don't remember hearing/seeing it elsewhere but you use it often/confidently enough that I have to at least wonder if I just missed it. x3

Hey, how are things going with you?

  • Viewing 689 - 693 of 693
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