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I'm Bookish Delight, and I've been writing fanfiction since the late 90s for all sorts of things. Eventually I ended up settling down here because I love just darn near everything the Friendship is Magic IP has produced. I've been here since the beginning, and I really could stay here and just play around forever. Who knows--maybe I will!

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Bookish's Plan For World Peace · 3:45am September 26th

As someone who's been in fandom for 25+ years, and witnessed no less than 2,500 ship wars in real time:

If we just declared all fictional characters bi/pan/takeyourpick up front (as opposed to waiting, y'know, half a decade), we could legit save enough human energy to perpetually power a small continent.

Like Australia.

Think about it.

We could power Australia.

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Hehe, I just wanted to say I like your Advanced Wars themed profile blurb. ^.^

That all makes sense to me. Thanks for the help! :pinkiehappy:

Happens to everyone. Happened to me during Shining Together, not long after Sunset and Starlight sat down at their booth. Google "mid-novel slump" to learn more, but ignore any advice that says to start outlining things, unless you know you're a hardcore outliner already.

Otherwise, best advice from my personal experience is to just push through and write something each day (doesn't have to be your usual amount) even if you hate it and hate writing it. It'll be that way for a little while, but then the second wind happens and you're back in with gusto, and what you did write during that period will never be as bad as you think it is in the moment.

I need some advice, and I'm asking you because I think you went through this yourself.

I'd been churning out chapters on one of my stories, one every other day. Then I just stopped. I want to continue so I can finish it, but I realized that lately it feels like writing it's a chore.

That's not to say I'm burning out on writing altogether. I'm having a blast writing a different story, actually!

But there's my problem. Any helpful insight?

Can't complain. :twilightsmile: How are you finding Kamen Rider Zero One? (Those transformation sequences tho!)

  • Viewing 766 - 770 of 770
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