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Sunset Shimmer has decided: she's done.

A too-close encounter with the magic residing in herself and her companions has convinced her that it's possible to embrace too much, and she's no longer willing to accept the risks—be it for knowledge, heroics... or her friendship with the other girls.

As always, desperate times call for Rainbow Dash.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 70 )

Wow, you haven't lost your touch. This was a tough read...

Sunset gasped despite herself. Her geode! She’d forgotten all about it! She’d left it on the nightstand, before Rainbow had taken her. Rainbow was right, though—the power of heart wasn’t exactly going to avail her here. Ugh.

Ma-Ti will remember that.

Great start!

"Any magic in this world, we find, we trap, we seal." She slammed her fist into her palm. "For good."

Sunset, you are not building the first Warehouse in Pedestria. There will be no snagging, bagging, and tagging.

I call it ‘cowarding out’.

And that's putting it politely

her being just so pissed off at a world that never listened, damn it.

Listening goes both ways, Bacon Horse. They'll be more receptive to you if you actually try to have a conversation, not dictate how things will be and get mad at anyone who dares to question your will.

In any case, I thought you were gone! This is fantastic!

Well, the subject matter and Sunset's deep doldrums aren't, but more Bookish fic is. Eagerly looking forward to seeing where this goes.

And so Guiltset Shimmer rears her head. Whenever I see Sunny beating herself up over this, I just want to give her the biggest, most expensive chocolate dessert I can.

It's not that she's unjustified in feeling a bit guilty, but at the same time, she's not the only one that dumped a bunch of magic into the EG universe (*cough*Starswirl*cough*).

Oh shit Bookish is back!

Does Lightning Dust appear in this story?

No, though I know why you asked that and applaud your taste.

The next punch thrown Sunset’s way contained exponentially more speed and force.

Now, she will try.

Dash, we don't kidnap our friends. That's a no no.

Well, say what you will about Dash's methods, but maybe they'll actually get Sunset to open up a bit. Gaia knows that she could use getting some sense smacked into her.

Never thought I'd ever see Sunset like this

Hope Sunset will get back to her old self eventually if Rainbow can manage to do it. Finger crossed.

"Thought so. You’re right about one thing, AJ." Sunset stamped a foot. "You don’t know how the magic truly works. None of you know. Meanwhile, I know the most—enough to know that this whole time, we’ve been playing with it, like we play with fire, and we make happy noises while we watch it burn things!"

She's not wrong, both fire and magic are literally dangerous and tricky if they aren't under control.
Not just Starswirl and Sunset Shimmer though, but also Princess Twilight Sparkle as well.

Our favorite ex-unicorn seems to have suffered a friendship burnout!

Tbh, Dash and Pinkie are the ponies/people most likely to kidnap their friends for a good cause.

It's always a sign of things gone wrong when Gilda has to be the voice of reason!

Also, I hope I'm not alone rooting for Sunset to give Rainbow a good pummeling. :twilightsheepish::rainbowderp:

Maybe, or maybe Sunset will take Rainbow's overbearing, underhanded methods as further proof that they're just using her, she's just their tool/resource rather than their friend. Depends on which part of Sunset's brain grabs hold of things.

That's a possibility. I guess its all down to how Dash handles all of this. And whether she can avoid saying something to make things worse.

I wonder if she's reacting this way is because it was Twilight that almost got hurt. While I would imagine that she'd react badly if any of them got hurt, I have a feeling that since this is a Montage Cinematic Universe story, Twilight being hurt would affect her so much more.

It was a good thing Rainbow was fighting fair and not using her geode—mainly because trying to punch something that could approach Mach 1 would be yet another challenge Sunset just wasn’t up for right now.

To say nothing of punches that could approach Mach 1...

…just how far have I fallen?

You made a big production of renouncing the concept of friendship, Sunset. How far do you think?

Trying and trying to improve yourself and constantly tripping over your own failings... Yeah, I felt that one.

And that bit about Sunset not having any other foundation... :twilightoops: Major yikes. Next step for the girls, expanding Sunset's social circle. Give her something to live for beyond them.

As for the end bit... Well, under the circumstances, I think Twilight will understand. All told, this was deeply necessary for Sunset, and dug up a mother lode of raw emotion she'd been trying to keep buried until now. The question is where to go from here.

Whoa, whoa, whoa... you just freaking blindsided me. All that emotion, then a Dash/Shimmer kiss? Who are you and what have you done with Bookish?


Also, I hope I'm not alone rooting for Sunset to give Rainbow a good pummeling.

Unfortunately, Bookish has established that Dash has her geode. And I respect her enough to assume she knows how exponents work, so that's borne out by the final sentence. Sunset doesn't stand a chance in Tartarus of winning; surviving is only a given because Bookish is too nice to do that.

An orange glow surrounded Sunset Shimmer as she glared daggers at Rainbow Dash. The glow intensified in hue and brightness, pulsing with the cadence of her voice.

A friendly reminder: Sunset left her geode at home, about a dozen miles away. She's calling on comparable magic through nothing but sheer force of will, reaching peak Magical Girl in the process.

Yikes. Sunset's got a lot of problems to work through right now. Like, a lot of them. Honestly, the description of what led up to getting hit by the Rainbow Beam™ and exactly what the elements did to her was gut wrenching. And just how much she depends on the others to keep herself centered. Yeesh.

…and [Rainbow] pressed their lips together.

*record scratch* Wait… what?

Wasn't expecting that since I didn't see a romance tag. Well done.

I've always tried my best to nail the art of the fight scene, and this one was really good. It's grounded in reality even through the last bit, and it was a great dynamic to have them measure each other as they're speaking. I'm excited for more!

She took off her geode, and threw it on the ground, in the middle of the other girls.

"Do what you want," she said, walking off to her motorcycle. "I’m done."

Sunset gasped despite herself. Her geode! She’d forgotten all about it! She’d left it on the nightstand, before Rainbow had taken her.

So i'm confused. In the first chapter Sunset threw her geode on the ground and left. In the third chapter she says she left it on her dresser. Did I miss something?

Thanks for the catch. Spin enough plates and sometimes one or two fall through the cracks. I've made a change.

Thank you. I used to write for fighting games and battle anime before I came to MLP, but I was definitely rusty and hadn't done much boxing. Had to study some match tapes! Happy to hear it paid off.

Raw pain and burning compassion radiating from the page? Yep, we're back.

Friendship Games touched on this idea briefly, but didn't finish addressing the ins and outs of why Sunset felt so personally responsible by the end—and even if it had, this is 100% the sort of anxiety she'd still be dealing with even after having it assuaged once, especially post-LoE when they've got the seven Harmony Emeralds which turn their positive feelings towards each other into an awesome power and no user manual.

So it's nice to get a story dealing with what one of those breakdowns really looks like, when everything's gone wrong and it feels like the best thing is to hang it all up and retreat inside rather than carry all that weight. And Rainbow Dash is 100% the sort of person who would decide a day is long enough to justify dragging her away to serve as a punching bag for venting purposes. ;p

(poor Pinkie; I sympathize with her sentiments, the dear sweetheart, but it just wasn't the time)

It's not especially relevant, but I'm left wondering what the story is behind how Sunset learned to fight in the first place. Good training for someone who just picked up a very different form and needs to learn how to use it, but it's not the sort of thing you just fall into. :twilightsheepish:

For what is relevant... well, someone who blames herself for all the bad in her life and credits all the good to the people who keep her going isn't in a good place, sure enough. I'm not sure how much story is left to wrap this up, but I hope it involves someone telling her that sometimes they're the screwups, and depend on all the goodness in her to keep going as well.

With, y'know, words, not that this isn't getting the point across as is. :D

"What have you done with Bookish?" This is the most Bookish thing, as the unique voice Bookish is~

I wasn't expecting to see a ship with Sunset & Rainbow and was quite surprised. Hope in the next chapter Rainbow will make sure to help Sunset more with these thoughts

You never fail to disappoint me, Bookish. I am in awe. Intense prologues are the best prologues.

Oh heck yeah. Look what you've done? I'm in love with this.

I suppose you're right. I reacted that way mainly because it wasn't a Sci-Twi/Sunset kiss.

It was a warmth that was visualized as well by the aura around her, which was no longer red, but Rainbow’s blue, which had overtaken them both.

And now you have me thinking of the finale of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Though at least Sunset wasn't planning on using the Secretariat Comet for world conquest.
... Just going to jot that down real quick...

Sunset froze. She actually hadn't thought of that. Ever. Even after being there for the explanation. "I... I didn't, did I?"

Here's hoping Sunset gets a chance to yell at Star Swirl.

She grinned. "Her powers seem to love zeroing in on the juicy stuff."

Ah, plot-sensitive telepathy. Where would we be without it?

My goodness, but you write incredible emotional scenes. It's wonderful to read more of your stuff, Bookish, especially when it's this good. Looking forward to whatever's left. (I do have to wonder what Gilda's made of the light show.)

💗 :twilightsmile:

1 chapter left, Gilda's not done yet.

*blink* Huh. What's with Rainbow and the kissing? Also, I think Sunset beats Sci-Twi in terms of self-blame.

This has been one of the more.... interesting stories I've read in this site and I really enjoy it. Also dumb question about 3 chapters late... how did RD knock out Sunset back in chapter 2? Or am I to assume she gave a good Boxing punch and she was out cold?

She didn't knock Sunset out at all. Rainbow just used the full power of her speed magic to drag Sunset from her house to the boxing center (and popped the safety gear on her) before Sunset could wrap her head around what was happening.

Honestly I didn't even consider that.




oh, I should not have opened this up in the middle of a work day

Gah, it's drving me nuts. Something about their interaction (not the ending, something in the middle), doesn't feel right to me, and I can't figure out what, or why.

I'm a little lost, but that's okay, because despite my confusion, the message to Sunset came through loud and clear: Sunny, you matter to them. They love you. They care about you. And you are their friend.

Wonderfully done Bookish. Thank you.

I knew someone else had to catch that Avatar reference. Should have guessed it would be you.

Hmm, come to think of it, a comet was central to the very first IDW comic with Chrysalis. I’d be down for a reimagining or crossover in that vein. :twilightsmile:


Memory Stone wasn't Star Swirl, it was Clover the Clever. Probably indirectly Star Swirl's fault, though.

i was thinking more generally. The sirens, the Time Twirler, and even the portal itself are all the Bearded Idiot's fault.


Sonata likes to call him That Beard With An Idiot Hanging Off It.

I just like to imagine them understanding he's back from limbo, so they charge through the statue to get at him, only for another portal to open up overhead and dump them right back out again.

I'm starting to think Raninbow only kissed Sunset so she can allow her to see what the other girls discussed the night prior and that they don't have feelings for each other and when Rainbow did it to Twilight at the end of this chapter wasn't around feelings too. Also tbt I perfer fanfics of Sunset & Sci Twi than with. Rainbow Dash. This was still good and just wanted to spit it out of myself and hope this doesn't piss anyone since I do blame myself entirely whenever I make someone upset.

That was so amazing! I loved how Sunset got to see those memories of the girls talking and with Twi. It felt so real and I can't wait to see Sunset's reaction to the last one. Also, wow. You're still a friendshipping master ; )

Always be true to yourself, and read stories in the ways that make you happiest.

Thanks and I have been enjoying this one

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