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Rarity was sure she'd failed Prim Hemline in creating a suitable window display for Carousel Boutique—only to find the most beautiful of artworks in those same windows the next morning. Even more surprising: Sunset had painted and arranged them.

A most wonderful turn of events, as far as Rarity was concerned—with just one problem.

How did Sunset manage to paint the window displays of a closed boutique overnight?

Part of the Montage Cinematic Universe.

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Majin Syeekoh

This was sweet.:twilightsmile:



That's awful. But perfect. But awful.

edit: And, uh, canon, which is a little more on the nose than I expected. I am still very behind.

This was cute. Your short stories always brighten my day.

You're as good a storyteller as Rarity is a designer,

So, mediocre with occassional moments of greater brilliance? Or was Prim downplaying Rarity's talents earlier?

Whatever the case, lovely explanation for just how Sunset got those displays painted. Thank you for it.

Awww... This SO CUTE!!!!

And also explains a lot of things XD

Thank you for writing this :D

This is some well done Sunset Shimmer. You captured her conniving yet reformed and empathetic nature beautifully and pulled together what felt like the most important scene of what could have been a much longer tale. Bravo!

Edit: Ah, didn't realize that this was based on a clip. Well, good job filling in the gaps nonetheless.

I absolutely loved that short when I saw it and I very nearly squeed when I saw you of all people publish a story with that cover picture. :raritystarry:
This was adorable and a wonderful addition to the short... And it's certainly a better explanation than the "Rarity forgot to lock up the shop" that I had so far.

My only regret is that there's no shipping. (I just can't get over Rarity's face in the last shot of that short). :twilightblush:

"Actually, Miss Hemline," she said, that's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about."

Also, you missed a quotation mark there.

This was sweet, but I was honestly expecting a tale of Sunset venturing into the wild world of Breaking and Entering!


Yeah no that name was all Hasbro I actually don't get the joke/reference if there is one and I'm that one person who busted a gut at "Maud Squad" right off the bat ^_^;


So, mediocre with occassional moments of greater brilliance? Or was Prim downplaying Rarity's talents earlier?

I like to think Prim's one of those gals who prefers to let folks take away their own meanings. :raritywink:

Thanks! And yeah, seriously, I'm waffling towards between whether or not to just post the clip in question. It's great that there's more EQG these days, but wow is it disorganized. :rainbowderp: Makes my job harder when the audience is desynced, for lack of a better term.



It's a direct callout to Banksy, the most famous (and wholly pseudonymous) modern graffiti artist.



Nice little piece of slice of life you wrote here.

Yeah, keeping up with it has been hard when there's no discernible order to them. That and when so many of the 2-3 minute episodes are... straight up repurposed season 2 FiM plots, which really takes the wind out of my sails.

Quite understandable!

That said, welcome to the Delightful Zone, where three basic rules are always in play:
1) Add More Lesbians
2) People Really Are That Nice
3) Pretty much Everyone Wears Glasses.


Enjoy your stay. :raritywink:


Yaaaaaaaah sorry, no shipping today tho--Prim keeps her business on the up and up :raritywink:

Oh? You'd think such a successful business would do lots of shipping. :trollestia:

"Here are our current summer dresses, over here are hats and accessories, and to this side we have cute couples."
"You mean outfits designed for couples?"
"Hmm? Oh yes, those too. Rarity, Sunset, do stop teasing those customers with your thinly veiled swooning and affections."

I really do hope this gets put into the featured box this was really cute and really good.

Oh, nice! Short, sweet, and to the point. Always nice to see Sunset put those reformed villain skills to good use!

This was lovely. I quite enjoyed reading this :twilightsmile:

This is so lovely and sweet and it’s an excellent take on what happened between those scenes in the short.

amazing job as always.

Even if the mysterious street artist Flanksy was, for once, about to embark on a legitimate assignment.

What you did there.

I see it.

But I probably see something different than you do.

While this was definitely sweet and going into my favorites, to me it's just both more amazing and more amusing to think that Sunset managed to do it without getting spotted at all somehow.

This was sweet. Those girls are lucky to have each other in their lives.

I'll give a 'stache' to whoever did this amazing vector of Sunset with a hat. Out of all the artwork of Sunset I've seen, I just can't imagine her with glasses and methinks they fit her not.

Majin Syeekoh

The ‘stache goes to DHX, because that’s a screencap.

8686233 It's most likely from one of the shorts. Either way, Sunset looks amazing in that hat.

Pretty common these days, especially in any business that uses third parties, contractors, designers etc. And even if you don't, it's a 30 second search on google for a free bit of what the lawyers term 'boilerplate' you can download and use.

I don't know how I should feel about Sunset being a graffiti artist. :ajbemused: I work at a string of parks, particularly cleaning, so whenever there's graffiti I'm usually the one who needs to clean it up. Part of me now hates my favorite MLP character because she reminds me of the jackasses that use spray paint to draw dicks, write profanity, and other stupid, ugly shit like tags that results in 30+ minutes of hard scrubbing to get rid of. :twilightangry2: With that said I never had to clean anything that came close to approaching art so I don't know if I'd get angry about cleaning something if it actually looked good and couldn't offend anyone like with the singular piece of outside work that we saw the end result of. Still I feel for the guys who have to clean up after her, Hasbro would have ruined my favorite character if her work didn't look good. :raritycry:

Why are glasses so gosh darn cute??? :raritydespair:


Yah, yours is an understandable and sympathetic sentiment. Still, like you said, different scenarios. It helps if you remember that MLP isn't Earth--human world included--and thus people default to being in touch with their better angels.

In EQG World, what Sunset is doing appears, for all intents and purposes, to be thoroughly appreciated. A big part of this is likely due to the fact that her street art contains actual design sensibilities and theming and actually ends up straddling the line between graffiti and murals, as opposed to gang tags and profanity and dicks. So people stop to appreciate it, stand around and marvel at it, like in the short this story is based on.


...also, yeah, Sunset's totally a Love Shocker. :rainbowlaugh:

Main point: MLP/EQG is a world where constructiveness always wins out, and its denizens appreciate that constructiveness, down to its base intent. (Also, show for young/tween girls.) Sunset is more likely to land city grants as opposed to being chased by the cops. If you were a park worker, you probably wouldn't be ordered to clean up most of what Sunset put down, mainly because she'd likely respect the parks enough to stay away from them, or just use whatever empty walls were around lol. They'd be decorative.

(Slightly personal note: I grew up in an area where the graffiti was exactly like you describe and worse, cause gangs and gunshots. These days what's on the walls is far more akin to what Sunset does, and better. Awkward talks about gentrification and property values aside, I couldn't help but smile upon seeing such a change.)

That said, her doing this stuff without permission and anonymously, and the consequences of doing so (so long as you don't fall in the trap of MLP's justice system being like Earth's as well--a VERY common trap on this site indeed) is a totally legitimate venue to explore.

To be fair, this has been the case at least 50% of the time. Movies 1 and 3 were the pilot again, Dance Magic was a Season 4 plot, Movie and Mirror were a condensed Starlight arc. RR gave us an original epic but sacrificed a lot of the show's joy to do so, and LoE... well.

So yeah, it's a toss-up. I admit to greatly enjoy seeing humanized versions of the old plots on a Sliders level. That said, I also can't wait till they take the training wheels back off and start telling original stories at full-size again. Ones that take the full differences between the worlds into account.

Flanksy? Isn't that the name Octavia uses in that other story about street art? Idk the name, have to go back through my favorites list....

I assume you've seen the trailers for the new Equestria Girls special? That looks pretty original to me.

Beautiful story. Sunset is best human, always and forever.

I love it. It's weird that the fandom hasn't paid more attention to the fact that Sunset Shimmer is canonically a skilled and semi-legal street artist using a synonym for "ass" as her nom-de-guerre.

yo buddy I work as a cleaner at a Tesco, use some turps or white spirit and steel wool or if you can get it some raw TFR (traffic film remover) for me it strips it off anything I could care to mention we keep a bunch of turpentine bottles around for when asshole kids decide that a thirty foot cock is funny.
you don't even really need that much of it just throw it on and give it a min and it loosens it off.

The Shimmer memories one? Yeah.

I mean I make it a point not to watch MLP trailers (they always lie, I don't even think it's on purpose but they just do lol) but I did stumble upon the synopsis last week and my hype is through the ceiling, yes.

Thanks for the advise. :twilightsmile: The park provides paint remover sprays for us to use that work relatively well, but it still requires quite a bit of scrubbing to get rid of the stronger stuff. One of the problems I face is that they tend to tag things that already have a layer of paint on it so anything strong enough to get rid of the graffiti also gets rid of the base coat of paint (if it's bad enough we can paint over things). Anyway thanks for taking the time to try to help. :twilightsmile:

that happened on one of the fire doors at the back lol
I never got round to painting over it

And thus, the legendary Flanksy was born.

This was a sweet story. that being said, i don't read that much slice of life stories (this is the only on), but it did catch my eye enough to read it and i got to say that it was nice of Sunset Shimmer to help Rarity like that she's a good friend to have. The story is good keep up the good work

Yep, release-of-liability forms and indemnification forms are quite common in the business world. I’ve signed at least one—and I’ve sent out at least one—in the course of doing business as a freelance graphic designer; it’s not at all unlikely there’d be a few among the standard business forms kept in a retail manager’s office. A little insurance goes a long way when the alternative is a lawsuit.


[D]on't fall in the trap of MLP's justice system being like Earth's as well--a VERY common trap on this site indeed . . ..

I do not consider it a trap; I consider it no less valid an assumption and take issue with such a dismissive characterization of it. (For that matter, which justice system? Each of the Earth’s 200+ countries has its own, which might and probably does differ hugely from others.) The franchise writers certainly have avoided the seamy side of life in, and indeed lots of other details about, the human world—but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Indeed, I’ve founded my entire series of stories on the idea the human world must work at least roughly similarly to the real world, that it is every bit as wide, varied, and complex, with a similar range of highs and lows. I’m willing to follow the spirit of the franchise’s storytelling, finding ways to soften or slightly idealize events and actions, but I consider that a tonal and thematic element, not one of fundamental world-building, the same way any modern family or children’s entertainment softens aspects of their settngs.

All that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and have absolutely no quibble with it. Indeed, I consider it a brilliant explanation and would be very tempted to borrow or allude to it.

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